Prime Movers


There is no substitute for reliability.

A truck only earns money when it is up and running. As such, the prime requirement in the ever-tougher transport business is a truck that can be counted on to operate reliably. With a service life up to 20% longer than its predecessor, the Mercedes-Benz prime mover range is a shining example of how this is achieved.

All drive components of the Mercedes-Benz prime movers offer a particularly durable design, a high degree of reliability and an increased service life. The improved robustness of the new 6-cylinder in-line engine is the result of optimised engine cooling and design measures such as one-piece steel pistons, reinforced conrods and bearings and a more rigid crankcase.

In addition to a high level of driving comfort and simple operation, the more advanced automated gearshift, which features as standard on board all prime movers, distinguishes times which are up to 20% shorter than those attainable with Mercedes PowerShift 2 and as much as 50% shorter in comparison to the Telligent® automated gearshift, in addition to which it also offers a further improvement in performance.

Precise gear selection and fast gear-changing ensure that the further advanced Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift transmits the power spontaneously and efficiently to the rear axle. This is possible thanks to an improved shifting strategy that accounts for factors such as gross combination weight, inclination angle of the road and accelerator pedal position when selecting the optimum gear. Further benefits include the option of shifting quickly from 1 to R, reverse gears with high ratios, the crawl function and EcoRoll.

All prime mover components come in particularly durable, repair- and maintenance-friendly design and boast a high degree of reliability. This is ensured by extensive testing at the Mercedes-Benz Development and Testing Centre in Wörth, where worldwide road conditions are simulated, enabling our trucks to be tested under the toughest conditions. 

Locally, our trucks have undertaken millions of test kilometers around Australia and New Zealand with outstanding results. The unrelenting test program also includes summer and winter trials at extreme temperatures and millions of kilometers on rough road tracks and in endurance testing. In all, our trucks have demonstrated their durability and reliability over more than 50 million test kilometers.

[1] Optional extra. The driver is responsible for the safe conduction of the vehicle.