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Rigid Trucks


The Mercedes-Benz Rigid range is redefining efficiency in distribution transport.

Mercedes-Benz trucks stand for particularly high economic efficiency worldwide. In addition to its reliable and durable design, the Rigid range also meets the highest standards of efficiency, based first and foremost on its particularly low fuel consumption. Low wear and an attractive resale value are additional merits contributing to its high overall economic efficiency.

To this end, numerous innovative technical measures were implemented in the course of developing the Rigid range. These resulted in engines with higher performance and lower fuel consumption, a powertrain which enables a particularly economical driving style, and an aerodynamic design honed down to the finest details in the interests of fuel efficiency. Overall, by achieving a more economical fuel saving compared to its predecessor, the Rigid range offers an ideal basis for more profitable operations than ever.

The further advanced Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift combines an economical driving style with smooth gear changing and a high level of driving comfort. The job matched and aerodynamic cabs of the Rigid range also contribute to the high level of efficiency. In short, the new Actros offers you a vehicle that is tailored perfectly to the needs of practically any application.

With more economical fuel savings compared to its predecessor, the Rigid range with its new 6-cylinder in-line engines is a particularly economical proposition. The engines are available in the three displacement classes 7.7l, 10.7l and 12.8l, and in a total of 8 power output ratings from 170 kW (231 hp) to 390 kW (530 hp). 

The combination of low fuel consumption and improved performance is attributable to the particularly efficient combustion strategy, the X-Pulse common-rail high-pressure injection system with an injection pressure of up to 2700 bar and the patented asymmetric turbocharger. Further factors contributing to fuel savings are the more fuel-efficient auxiliary consumers, Mercedes PowerShift 3, and the sophisticated aerodynamic design.

The Rigid range provides you with a wide range of practical and comfort-enhancing functions. The line-up includes convenient brief turn signals, for example, a warning tone for parking brake and lights, cruise control operation using the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel and “follow me home” lights. In short, a host of functions to make everyday life with the vehicle more pleasant.

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