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Rigid Trucks


There is no substitute.

A truck only earns money when it is up and running. As such, the prime requirement in the ever-tougher transport business is a truck that can be counted on to operate reliably. The versatile Mercedes-Benz Trucks Rigid range delivers for your business.

All drive components of the Rigid range offer a particularly durable design, a high degree of reliability and an increased service life compared with the predecessor model. The improved robustness of the new 6-cylinder in-line engine is the result of optimized engine cooling and design measures such as one-piece steel pistons, reinforced conrods and bearings and a more rigid crankcase. The new engines of the Rigid range boast not only high power, but also a reliable and durable design. In addition, the wider torque curve reduces the number of gearshift operations and thus lowers the strain on the clutch and transmission.

The more advanced automated gearshift is standard across the Rigid range, is simple to operate and provides a high level of driving comfort. With its sensitive gearshift sensors, Mercedes PowerShift 3 provides precise gear selection appropriate to the driving situation and the load carried at the time. 

Precise gear selection and fast gear-changing ensure that the further advanced Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift transmits the power spontaneously and efficiently to the rear axle. This is possible thanks to an improved shifting strategy that accounts for factors such as gross combination weight, inclination angle of the road and accelerator pedal position when selecting the optimum gear.

Further benefits include the option of shifting quickly from 1 to R for easy manoeuvring, reverse gears with high ratios, the crawl function and EcoRoll. The crawler function is particularly convenient when moving off.

The Rigid range is available with a choice of 6-, 8-, 9- or 12-speed transmissions, enabling the vehicle to be tailored effectively to its intended field of deployment. In conjunction with the perfectly matched rear-axle ratios, it offers an economical drive.

For a high standard of safety we equip the Rigid range models with disc brakes combined with a full electronic braking system (EBS). High performance engine brakes boost the available brake power, reduce wear and improve economic efficiency.

In addition to the proven electronic braking systems with disengageable ABS, ASR, Brake Assist and hill holder, powerful wear-free continuous high-performance engine brakes feature as standard to boost the available brake power, reduce wear, improve economic efficiency, and provide added safety. This three-stage brake system offering up to 400 kW of brake power1 reduces wear on the service brake while enhancing safety and control of the vehicle.

The Rigid range always offers the suspension variant which is best suited to the given type of application – steel-air or full pneumatic suspension.

All Rigid range components come in particularly durable, repair- and maintenance-friendly design and boast a high degree of reliability. This is ensured by extensive testing at the Mercedes-Benz Development and Testing Centre in Wörth, where worldwide road conditions are simulated, enabling our trucks to be tested under the toughest conditions. 

Locally, the Rigid range has undertaken millions of test kilometers around Australia and New Zealand with outstanding results. The unrelenting test program also includes summer and winter trials at extreme temperatures and millions of kilometers on rough road tracks and in endurance testing. In all, the Rigid range has demonstrated its durability and reliability over more than 50 million test kilometers.

The versatile Rigid range has a wide variety of frames available, and can be tailored to suit various distribution requirements. Other benefits include cathodic dip priming to prevent rusting, the consistent 50 mm hole pattern and a broadened range of wheelbases, frame overhangs and end cross members.

[1] Based on 12.8L engine variant.