Truck World


The digital event from Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Learn more about the topics of the future and present:
We present all the newest information on eMobility, the new Actros F and the Actros Edition 2.

Listen to Stefan Buchner (Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks) and Andreas von Wallfeld (Head of Marketing, Sales & Services Mercedes-Benz Trucks) with their summary on current and future topics and features from Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Experience, how we will guide you through the potentials of eMobility.

Laura Gänzle (Head of Business Solutions eMobility Group DTB)
Jasper Hafkamp (Head of Global Marketing Mercedes-Benz Trucks)

The new entry model into the Mercedes-Benz Trucks world - the new Actros F.

Jean-Marc Diss (Head of Sales Europe Mercedes-Benz Trucks)
Uwe Kazmeier (Head of Customer Services & Parts Mercedes-Benz Trucks)

If you want to know more about the dream of all truckers, have a look at the Actros Edition 2.

Andreas Waibl (Senior Designer)
Alexander Hosp (Product & Marketing Manager Europe Mercedes-Benz Trucks)