M29476 MB Unimog Winter 1080x1080 V22

Prepare your legend for every winter task. Get in touch with your local Dealer to arrange a Winter Health Check. 

Your local Dealer will run a comprehensive assessment on your Unimog’s vital components and systems.

They will check:

  • The condition of your Unimog’s windscreen and wipers. They will also top up your washer fluid with winter screen wash
  • The function of your Unimog’s headlights, rear lights and bulbs
  • The effectiveness of your Unimog’s cooling system. They will also check the level of coolant and the last time the coolant was changed
  • Your Unimog’s battery, alternator and belts

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are specifically developed and tested in line with the latest technological advancements. They are also subjected to rigorous quality control to ensure that we offer reliability that you can depend on.

We know you can’t afford to have any downtime, so that’s why our high-quality GenuineParts offer an exact fit for easy installation without the need for reworking, so your mighty ‘Mog will always be ready to tough out its next task and remain an original.

M29476 MB Unimog Winter 1080x1080 V23
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