Basic Connectivity

Basic Connectivity

When you’re considering purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz Truck, it’s good to know that our telematics are at the very heart of our trucks. Exclusive to Mercedes-Benz Trucks is free access to Basic Connectivity meaning that you will have access to your vehicle’s position, up-to-date vehicle status and additional key fleet performance indicators.

We are confident that Basic Connectivity accessed through our Fleetboard Manager App offers a big advantage to you, our customers.

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The Fleetboard Manager App is our free Basic Connectivity solution. It delivers detailed information on your Mercedes-Benz Truck’s performance and location, delivered directly from the Truck Data Centre installed in your vehicle.

Our App is available on both Apple and Android platforms, is free to download and use, and offers invaluable insight to your fleet’s performance, no matter how many Mercedes-Benz Trucks vehicles you operate.

Download the Fleetboard Manager App for from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Once you have downloaded the App, and complete a simple free of charge registration, our secure portal will give you at-a-glance data for all your activated connected vehicles.

Use the dashboard to view potential savings as a percentage of your operation and in actual monetary terms.

You’ll be able to map the positions of your vehicles and see the mileage details of the current and previous week – alongside fuel consumption.

App users will also be able to gain an understanding of their vehicle’s C0₂ emissions and preview Mercedes-Benz Uptime.

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For more information on how Basic Connectivity and Fleetboard Manager App can benefit your business, download the brochure below and contact your local Dealer.