To the ideal charging station with Mercedes-Benz.

Heavy-duty distribution operation on plannable routes is the ideal terrain for the eActros. Ideally it "fills up" with the energy it needs at the central depot – which means that breaks, waiting times and even loading and unloading can also be used for charging. Easy to plan, without any detours and with an infrastructure that matches your requirements. Importantly, you know in advance what costs per kilowatt-hour you can expect.

Do you have the possibility of using a public charging station? Naturally that is also possible. Currently there is a limited number of such charging stations, but that is steadily increasing.

Electric drive is not ready for use from one day to the next. That is why Mercedes-Benz Trucks supports you right from the beginning and works on an overall ecosystem around e-mobility. Before purchasing your eActros or eEconic (from 2022) you can benefit from competent advice on installing the infrastructure. That way you not only gain a locally CO₂-neutral vehicle, but you also have the precise charging solution to suit your requirements.

Some examples: does the vehicle often have long waiting times? Then charging with low output, for example 50 kW, is the best choice. Does the lunch break have to do to recharge the battery? Then charging stations from 150 kW charging capacity are the answer. Contacting your local electricity provider is also important: how efficient is the electricity supply, and does the infrastructure have to be extended on your premises? Here too, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is there to help you.

It makes sense to look into the future: will existing provisions still be sufficient when the e-fleet is extended? On the software side, intelligent smart charging solutions are required – embedded in efficient energy management and with the support of Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

eMobility is about more than just a charging station at the depot. Mercedes-Benz Trucks will support you with the right software solutions for charging, the right apps for the driver and equally when you need to install the necessary hardware or contact your electricity supplier.

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