Truck Innovation Award

Truck Innovation Award

The most innovative trucks for the electric future.

The most innovative trucks for the electric future bear the three-pointed star – that’s the verdict of the renowned International Truck of the Year (IToY) jury, which awarded its prestigious 2021 Truck Innovation Award to two trucks from Mercedes-Benz: the battery-electric eActros and the fuel-cell concept Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck. The IToY jury, consisting of 25 commercial-vehicle editors and senior journalists, representing major international trucking magazines, especially highlighted the comprehensive approach to electric mobility based on a clear-cut long-term strategy.

Findings from the Mercedes-Benz eActros customer testing have flowed directly into the further development of the prototype into a series-production vehicle. So far, they have shown that the purely battery-electric eActros is outstandingly suited for sustainable heavy-duty distribution transport. It is in no way inferior to a conventional diesel truck in terms of availability and performance. However, the series-production eActros will be significantly superior to the current prototype in some aspects, such as range, power and safety. The series-production eActros will be on a par with a conventional Actros also in terms of payload.

Our development engineers at Daimler Trucks have based the Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck on the capabilities of the conventional Mercedes-Benz Actros long-haul truck with regard to tractive power, range, and performance. For example, the series-production version of the GenH2 Truck is to have a gross vehicle weight of 40 tons and a payload of 25 tons. Two special liquid-hydrogen tanks and a particularly powerful fuel-cell system will make this high payload and long range possible, and therefore form the core of the GenH2 Truck concept.