The Actros


All the extras in comfort and efficiency.

With the Economy Package, the Comfort Package and the Sight Package, the comfort-oriented Actros is unfailingly tailored to the requirements of the driver. And the aim is always to make working easier, safer and more efficient.

Whether it’s being used for driving, sleeping or living, all areas of the vehicle offer the highest level of comfort. Thanks to the seat with massage function, the premium leather steering wheel, electric sunblinds, automatic climate control, ambient LED lighting and the PremiumComfort mattress, the driver’s enthusiasm will know no bounds.

Our well-proven assistance and safety systems don't just protect the driver and the vehicle, but also all other road users. Thus, in addition to Active Drive Assist 2287, 248, 284 and the standard Active Brake Assist 5285, 287, Proximity Control Assist287, 98, Active Sideguard Assist287, 1, 210, the driver's airbag and LED main headlamps provide for a safe journey.

Built for a comfortable head start. Equipped with innovations such as the interactive multimedia cockpit, the reliable Active Sideguard Assist287, 1, 210, the Active Drive Assist 2287, 248, 284 or the trend-setting MirrorCam the Actros is even safer. See for yourself.

The included features packages at a glance.

  • Driving Package:
    With its premium leather steering wheel, electric roller sunblinds, sunblinds on the driver’s and co-driver’s side, main mirror and practical enhanced central locking system, the Driving Package is tailored without exception to the driver’s needs and for increased comfort on the road.
  • Economy Package:
    The package is set up to guarantee particularly efficient driving. This is assisted, among other things, by aerodynamic side2002 and underfloor panelling, which serve to drastically reduce the air resistance of the Actros. In this way, you will always be able to drive in a fuel-saving way.
  • Climate Package:
    Thanks to the electric auxiliary air conditioning, maintenance-free AGM batteries, automatic climate control and additional heat insulation, the Climate Package facilitates optimum inside temperature control, enabling the driver to feel comfortable regardless of how warm or cold it is outside.
  • Comfort Package:
    Complete with shaving mirror, electric glass sliding/tilting sunroof, ambient LED lighting, PremiumComfort mattress, pull-out refrigerator and illuminated Mercedes star, this package ensures maximum comfort for the driver – in all areas.
  • Sight Package:
    The Sight Package with special rain sensor, LED main headlamps, LED tail lamps, as well as the automatic main/dipped beam and cornering light1, 243 provides for a safe journey.
  • Safety Package:
    In addition to Active Drive Assist 2287, 248, 284 and the standard Active Brake Assist 5287, 248, 284, the Safety Package provides for a further increase in safety. The package includes the innovative Proximity Control Assist287, 98, the driver's airbag, the interactive multimedia cockpit and the comfort variant of the suspension seat. Trailer Stability Assist and Roll Control Assist287, 246 serve as additional protection for the driver and vehicle.
Panorama packages

Every metre counts when you’re travelling long distances. Especially if you’re covering thousands of kilometres every week; that’s when even the smallest fuel savings make a big difference. And that’s why we’re constantly striving to find ways of optimising the economy of our vehicles.

The Economy Package offers only innovations with clear benefits for companies. This is precisely why the MirrorCam287, 271 with its sophisticated aerodynamics, the anticipatory Predictive Powertrain Control system and many other features of the Actros have one common goal: to increase economy. So that every route is the route to success.

The technical innovations are complemented by enhanced aerodynamics thanks to the StreamSpace cab and streamlined panelling. This combination of strongly reduced air resistance and especially economical driving make this truck more efficient than ever before.

Lower fuel consumption isn't just a logical step from a commercial point of view, but also from an ecological perspective too. That's because every litre of fuel which the Actros saves means less strain on our environment.

With features such as:

  • StreamSpace cab
  • MirrorCam287, 271
  • Predictive Powertrain Control
  • Aerodynamic side panelling (for 4x2 LS with tank systems with small transverse section)
  • Tyre pressure monitor
  • Drive programs "economy" & fleet
  • High Performance Engine Brake
  • Two-stage air compressor for optimised consumption
  • Radiator shutter
  • Regulated water pump
  • Aerodynamic underbody panelling
  • Air deflectors
  • Automatic cutouts
  • Power steering pump (controlled electronically)
  • Alternator, controlled
  • Cap side deflectors

Please contact your seller for more information about the configuration options.