The Actros NGT
The Actros

The Actros NGT

Innovation, Efficiency & Sustainability.

Ecological: of all fossil fuels natural gas possesses the highest ratio between developed energy and the quantity of polluting emissions emitted. It contributes to reducing the smog and the greenhouse emissions.

Safe: filling is as simple as for other traditional fuels. Additionally, the CNG is lighter than air and therefore does not stagnate in the event of a leak

Economical: thanks to low CNG costs in Europe and the government incentives in many countries, running costs are lower than those for diesel.

Convenient: the gas filling is fast and the CNG station network is the most widespread in Europe. In addition, CNG vehicles are often free from traffic restrictions.

What is the CNG?

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is made by compressing natural gas, which is mainly composed of methane. It is a fuel which can be used instead of gasoline (petrol) diesel fuel and LPG.
  • Can also be obtained from the fermentation of organic residues by means of a 100% ecological process, in this case we speak of Biogas.
  • Is stored in gaseous form at room temperature and distributed in rigid containers at a pressure of about 200 bar.
  • Should not be confused with LNG which is the same gas stored in liquid form at temperatures around –160 °C.
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Focus group: Actros NGT Customer.

  • “Green” transport companies sensitive to the environment.
  • Operators in the ecology and waste collection sector.
  • Transport companies specialized in mid-range distribution.
  • Ideal for night deliveries and limited traffic areas.
  • The Actros NGT (Natural Gas Technology) can help improve the quality of air and life.
  • Available versions 18 or 26 tons.
  • 100% CNG range up to 650 km.
  • Up to 95% CO2 emissions with biogas.
  • Significantly lower noise level than a diesel engine1011.
  • Allison automatic transmission.
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