Cornering more safely.
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Cornering more safely.

In urban traffic, Sideguard Assist also helps drivers recognise electric scooters.

Mercedes‑Benz Sideguard Assist is a valuable assistance system for turning right and is even able to recognise electric scooters.

E-scooters result in more rolling traffic in our cities – adding yet another potential hazard. Especially when an e-scooter appears on the passenger side of a truck turning right: the narrow, fast-moving silhouette makes it difficult for the driver to see it. This is where Mercedes‑Benz Sideguard Assist comes into its own in solving a dangerous problem. The system can detect moving and stationary objects in its field of view on the right-hand side of the truck, be they pedestrians, cyclists, traffic signs or, yes, e-scooters. The driver receives an initial alert in the form of a yellow warning light on the MirrorCam display. If there is a risk of collision, the indicator light flashes red several times, and after two seconds it stays red. At the same time, an acoustic signal sounds from the passenger side.

Sideguard Assist from Mercedes‑Benz is the only system of its kind in the truck market that is fully integrated into the vehicle’s architecture, and can be factory-fitted in a range of Actros and Arocs models. It can provide monitoring for single vehicles as well as for complete semi-trailer rigs up to 18.75 metres in length.

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Warning light and alert: Sideguard Assist’s warnings appear on the display of the MirrorCam on the passenger side.

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Sideguard Assist can detect objects located on the right-hand side of the vehicle.

Photos & video: Alexander Tempel