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It's not only the big ideas that produce better ergonomics, more comfort and greater safety. Intelligent details also help to make the day's work easier. The Actros shows how.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Application-specific cab variants
  • High-quality interior equipment
  • 3 mm stainless steel guard plate for radiator/engine1
  • Steel guard plate for main tank available on request
  • Ribbed exterior mirror covers2 for greater resilience
  • Optimised pivoting entry step2 swings forwards, backwards and sideways
  • Backlit Mercedes star on request
  • Optional comfort suspension seat for driver and co-driver

The handrail for the cab roof is an optional item available for all cab variants and makes checking the dump box both easier and safer. Depending on the cab variant, the relevant step is either integrated in the side wall or located on the rear wall of the cab.

Content exterior 02
Content exterior 03

Tippers, concrete mixers and all-wheel-drive vehicles all have the pivoting entry step with rubber elements fitted. It is designed to swing out of the way forwards, backwards or sideways to prevent damage, e.g. if there is contact with soil or rock. It even fits older Actros models and is available in two variants: for all-wheel-drive vehicles and others.

To protect the radiator and engine, Actros tippers are fitted with a 3 mm thick stainless steel guard plate as standard. This prevents costly damage and downtimes and gives the Actros a particularly powerful external appearance. The ground protection guard is also available for other Actros construction vehicles on request. A sturdy steel guard plate is also available as an optional item for the main fuel tank. This reduces the risk of damage to the fuel tank and is good for your budget, your nerves and the environment.

Content exterior 04
Content exterior 05

Protective steel grilles are available on request for the headlamps and rear lamps of the Actros. They can prevent stone chips and help protect the rear lamps from damage caused by bulk materials. This contributes to lower repair costs and greater safety. And the tough grilles can easily be folded open if you need to change the lamps.

[1] Standard equipment for tippers.
[2] Standard equipment for tippers and concrete mixers.

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