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The Actros construction-site vehicle shows its backbone. Depending on the vehicle type, tough frame is available in material thicknesses of 7 mm, 8 mm,9.5 mm or 9.5 mm with reinforcement, enabling the Actros to deal with even the most extreme loads. The 50 mm hole pattern enables bodies to be attached quickly and at low cost, and the cathodic dip primer coat provides outstanding protection against corrosion. Another advantage: Because all parts at the front of the frame are bolted on they can be replaced quickly and at low cost in the event of repair.

Protective chassis seal, available as an option, provides effective corrosion protection for the chassis and frame components. The protective film is transparent, so metal surfaces can be checked visually and type plates can still be read.

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Tough, durable and bodybuilder-friendly – the frame.

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The off-road front is available on request for road vehicles working in the building materials supply trade that also have to operate on unmade roads. The equipment includes a steel bumper without a front apron, pivoting entry step and front underride guard.

The Actros has steel suspension with parabolic springs as standard, fitted with maintenance-free rubber molecular bearings. A special zinc powder paint protects the parabolic springs against corrosion and makes the suspension system particularly tough and durable. The front axle contains 2-leaf spring packages and the rear axle has 3-leaf or 4-leaf spring packages, depending on tonnage. Harder spring variants and reinforced stabilisers can be supplied for the front and rear axles. And 3-axle and 4-axle vehicles are equipped with wishbone control arms to guarantee precision axle alignment.

Vehicles with more than one driven axle are equipped with the trusted 4-bellows air suspension system. For platform vehicles, full air suspension is also available on request.

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Thanks to the direct steer system the Actros models with partial and full air suspension can make light work of any drive. All 2-axle and 3-axle Actros models are equipped with LS8 single-circuit hydraulic power steering, and all 4-axle vehicles have a dual-circuit system. In both cases, steering gear with differentiated ratios means that it only takes a small amount of power to turn the wheels fully, resulting in energy-conserving, sensitive manoeuvring. Weight-reduced forged and grey cast iron components ensure that the steering system is extremely reliable. In addition, the steering gear oil level and hydraulics system are continuously monitored by the Telligent® maintenance system, ensuring greater safety. All in all, the Actros steering system is notable for the reduced effort required to steer, the directional stability, precise response, excellent handling and its reliable and durable construction.

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The Telligent® brake system, fitted as standard, comprises a regulated dual-circuit brake system, internally ventilated disc brakes all round, ABS, ASR and auxiliary brakes such as the engine brake or retarder. The system transmits every braking signal at lightning speed – much faster than any mechanical system could achieve. And it can be applied with the same degree of sensitivity you'd expect in a car. The braking force is distributed to the best possible effect between the tractor vehicle and the semitrailer or trailer depending on the load the vehicle is carrying. The Telligent® brake system also ensures that brake pad wear is spread evenly across all axles. Brake Assist can immediately identify a risky situation from the speed at which the brake pedal is depressed, and responds in an instant: full braking effect is activated. The integrated continuous braking function automatically causes activation of the service brake (constantly open throttle and brake flap) and, if present, the retarder. And the integrated hill holder can prevent unintended rolling forwards or backwards, making driving away easier and safer. The Telligent® brake system can also be supplemented with deactivatable ABS. This allows wheels to be deliberately locked when braking if the situation requires it in extreme off-road use.

A remote control unit which is connected to the cab by cable and features an illuminated control panel in the Actros, enables the frame of air-sprung vehicles to be raised and lowered quickly, thus saving time when switching semitrailers or interchangeable bodies and allowing the height of the vehicle to be adjusted for loading bays. The air pressure in the spring bellows is also adjusted so that the frame height always remains the same.

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Standard equipment with air suspension – the Telligent® level control system.

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