Engine, gearbox, axles

Engine, gearbox, axles

Top performer for heavy-duty applications.

So the Actros can deliver the performance you expect of it, we have equipped it with all the practical requirements necessary to aid heavy-duty operations: powerful V6 and V8 engines, specifically designed gearboxes, gearshift systems axles and many technical details that will pay their way on any building site. The Actros has an impressive choice of nine high-performance durable engines. Five 16-speed gearboxes with different ratios in combination with application-specific drive axles ensure that the engine output reaches the wheels with the least possible loss of power – the Telligent® gearshift system comes as standard and has a special construction mode for the construction vehicle variants. For even greater ride comfort and economy, the Mercedes PowerShift offroad1 12-speed automated gearshift system is available.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Mercedes PowerShift offroad1 automated gearshift system with 12 gears and specific switchable modes and supplementary functions
  • Reliable BlueTec®- engines with low fuel consumption
  • On request, engines that comply with the EEV emissions standard2
  • Telligent® engine system for high level of efficiency and low-emission combustion
  • Telligent® maintenance system for particularly long individual maintenance intervals
  • Battery status display to prevent unscheduled downtimes
  • Water pump with two-stage control3 for low fuel consumption
  • Differential lock and ASR as standard for maximum traction

Whether V6 or V8 – the BlueTec® 5 engines for the Actros are impressive on every level: powerful output, excellent reliability, low consumption and low pollutant and particle emissions.

For anyone who thinks Euro V isn't environmentally-friendly enough, the Actros can, on request, meet the stringent Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle (EEV)2 emissions standard where the figures for particles are another 33% lower than for Euro V. Actros Euro V can be retrofitted for EEV.

All engines offer maximum power on hills and good acceleration even when fully loaded as maximum torque is available even at low engine speeds.

This is because the Telligent® engine system calculates the correct injection point, the optimum injection amount and precise injection duration for every driving situation. For low consumption, reduced pollutant emissions and commanding power development.

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Power transmission is delivered by five different 16-speed gearboxes, each designed to perfectly match the engine output and provide the benefits of excellent gradeability and low manoeuvring speeds. In conjunction with the application-specific drive axles they ensure that the engine output reaches the wheels with the least possible loss of power.

The classic for ground clearance, strength and resilience: the trusted HL 7 planetary hub reduction axle. For 3-axle and 4-axle vehicles the dual units also use the equally trusted HD7 through-drive planetary hub reduction axle – both designed for a maximum axle load of 16 t.

For air-sprung platform vehicles with 25 t permitted gross vehicle weight and 6x2 wheel configuration the Telligent® trailing axle with hydraulic steering is on request from the factory. This reduces the turning circle and makes steering more comfortable – an advantage when manoeuvring in yards where space is limited. Like all trailing axles it can be raised pneumatically, reducing brake and tyre wear.

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Axle load compensation, standard equipment on all 4-axle vehicles, distributes the load almost equally to the two front axles when driving on uneven surfaces and over obstacles. This prevents damage caused by overload, reduces wear to the axle suspension, steering and tyres, and increases ride comfort.

The two-stage water pump provides a further increase in economy: whenever the load on the engine allows, the speed of the water pump is adjusted down to 60%. In construction haulage this results in lower fuel consumption – at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. The two-stage regulated water pump is only available for the Actros 320 kW in conjunction with the L or Megaspace cab and for all Actros models with V6 engines.

The Actros is equipped with a differential lock as standard. It is operated via a rotary switch with a simple logic: The lock is always effected in the following sequence: inter-axle differential lock, lock on driven rear axles, lock on driven front axles.

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[1] Available on request for 6x4/8x4 tipper and concrete mixer.
[2] Actros with engine output from 235 to 335 kW (320 to 456 hp) and standard silencer.
[3] In conjunction with V6 engines.

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