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It's going to be increasingly important to combine economy and ecology in the future. At Mercedes-Benz, we are already working on this: with BlueTecEco. Under this name we pool together products and services which will reduce your fuel consumption and can therefore help to protect the environment, with vehicle technology that makes our trucks particularly efficient, and seminars, training courses and consultancy designed to benefit the environment. We spare no effort to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and sustainability.

Less than 60% of consumption is attributable to vehicle technology. The rest is influenced by factors including driving style, the weather, traffic events and topography. This is the result of a record-breaking attempt by an Actros1 in ideal conditions on the test track at Nardo in Italy.

With consumption of only 19.44 l per 100 km with a 25-tonne load, the standard production vehicle equipped with BlueTec® 5, Mercedes PowerShift,wide-base tyres on the drive axle and aerodynamic trim for the towing vehicle and semitrailer, earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records2.

The record-breaking drive in Nardo demonstrates the potential savings the Actros could represent when factors like driving style and practical knowledge are added into the reckoning.

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More and more hauliers realise that staying ahead of the competition means putting the environment and fuel consumption at the top of the agenda. The efficient use of fuel is a major factor in the profitability of your business. At Mercedes-Benz we are therefore putting every effort into optimising our trucks and introducing fuel-saving solutions – such as our BlueTecEco bundle of measures. Along with efficient solutions for vehicles in every type of application, we also offer our customers an extensive portfolio of consultancy and training services – because every litre of fuel saved not only increases the efficiency of your fleet but also protects the environment. BlueTecEco improves your performance record in many ways:

Innovative technical measures such as the BlueTec® engines, Mercedes PowerShift offroad automated gearshift and optimised aerodynamics ensure that the Actros can provide the same level of transport performance while consuming less and less fuel.

When the objective is to reduce fuel consumption and to be kind to the environment, we think all approaches are worth the effort. For example, training courses, seminars, in-depth analysis, individual advice and of course Fleetboard, the online fleet management system from Mercedes-Benz.

Advanced fuel-saving vehicle technology is one of the main prerequisites for economical and environmentally-friendly driving. We have a host of technical measures in place to ensure that the Actros can provide the same level of transport performance while consuming less and less fuel.

Cost-effective compliance with Euro V, lower consumption and extremely low CO2 emissions –these are the advantages of BlueTec® 5, the SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz. BlueTec® 5 is also an excellent solution where the issue of particulate emissions is concerned. No other Euro V technology is as effective at reducing particulate pollutants. The Actros is already optionally available with the even more stringent Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle (EEV)3 emissions standard.

The BlueTec® 5 engines are impressive with their low fuel consumption and particularly low pollutant and particulate emissions. As the exhaust gas leaves the engine, AdBlue is injected into the hot exhaust flow, where it turns into ammonia, which is later required for the chemical reaction in the catalytic converter. There, the nitrogen oxides (NOX) are converted into harmless nitrogen and water.

BlueTec® engines – reliable and low-maintenance: Further advantages of BlueTec® include their great reliability and the particularly long oil change intervals, which in the Actros, for example, contribute to up to 150,000 km and up to 0.5% lower CO2 emissions4 compared with vehicles with maintenance intervals that are half as long.

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Fleetboard10, the telematics solution from Mercedes-Benz, offers numerous possibilities for improving the efficiency of vehicle and transport management systems and can significantly help to reduce fuel consumption. For example, Fleetboard® makes it possible to analyse performance and fuel consumption. In addition, Fleetboard can also compare various routes and areas of operation against specified criteria with regard to fuel consumption and operational difficulty.

This makes it possible to show in objective terms which drivers are particularly economical and which might benefit from training for a more efficient driving style. Fleetboard therefore provides an excellent basis for an objective performance-related premium system for payroll accounting, in which every driver has the opportunity to improve their driving style.

More efficient than ever: the telematics-supported internet service offers many other additional possibilities for more cost-effective transportation: these include the continuous exchange of information between driver and base. The DispoPilot guide and optionally available navigation system mean that the driver can always be reached and can, without the need to make a phone call, receive orders, acknowledge receipt, and report delivery.

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[1] Actros 1844, 320 kW.
[2] “The most fuel efficient 40-tonne truck”, Guinness World Records 2009.
[3] Optionally available for optional Actros from 235 to 335 kW and standard silencer.
[4] 1 l oil corresponds to approx. 19 kg CO2.
[5] For Actros models with engine outputs from 235 to 335 kW and standard silencer.
[6] Available on request for 6x4/8x4 tipper and concrete mixer.
[7] Optional for the Actros.
[8] Only with Actros 4x2 semitrailer tractors.
[9] Only available for Actros 320 kW in conjunction with L-cab and Megaspace cab, available as standard for all Actros with V6 engines.
[10] A service of Daimler Fleetboard GmbH.

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