Engines, transmissions, axles

Engines, transmissions, axles

Take a few moments to look under the "bonnet". You'll find it's worth it.

To ensure that the Actros delivers the performance you expect, we have equipped it with practically everything you need to make light work of heavy-duty tasks: powerful V6 and V8 engines, task-oriented transmissions, gearshifts and axles, plus a host of technical features. An impressive range of nine powerful and durable V6 and V8 BlueTec® 5 engines is available for the Actros. The 12 or 16-speed Mercedes PowerShift 2 automated transmission combined with task-oriented drive axles ensure that the available drive power is delivered to the wheels with minimum losses.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Reliable V6 and V8 engines with increased peak pressures and low fuel consumption
  • Future-proof BlueTec® SCR diesel technology for cost-effective Euro 5 compliance
  • The environmentally friendly EEV emissions standard1 as an option
  • Telligent® engine system generating injection pressures of up to 2200 bar for improved efficiency and clean combustion
  • Telligent® maintenance system allows service intervals of up to 120,000 km and oil-change intervals of up to 150,000 km
  • Optional biodiesel package with combined tank

The BlueTec® 5 engines are a byword for power, economy and durability, making them the perfect choice for long-distance transport. Whether you opt for the V6 or V8, when it comes to being frugal both power units set the benchmark in terms of low fuel consumption and low particulate, CO2 and pollutant emissions.

For all those for whom Euro V is not environmentally friendly enough, the Actros can, as an option, be configured to meet the stringent EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle)* standard which requires particulate values to be approximately 33 % lower than with Euro V. Actros Euro V vehicles can be retrofitted to EEV standard.

Content engine gearbox axles 01

An Actros V6 engine.

Content engine gearbox axles 05

Actros synchromesh transmission.

The synchromesh transmissions for the Actros are noted for facilitating low engine speeds at high road speeds. Excellent climbing ability, low manoeuvring speeds, durability, low-noise operation and optimised power-to-weight ratio make the Actros transmissions true all-round performers.

Whatever you are transporting, you are bound to find the right solution for you in the range of axles for the Actros. The single-reduction HL 6 hypoid rear axle is installed as standard on vehicles with engine outputs up to 350 kW. It is weight-optimised and helps to reduce fuel consumption. With a corresponding final-drive ratio, the vehicles can also be equipped with a direct-drive transmission. The fuel-saving, single-reduction HL 8 hypoid axle* caters for the 375 kW to 440 kW output range.  

The tried-and-tested regular: the optionally available HL 7 planetary hub reduction axle. All axles have an impressively robust and reliable design and are designed for axle loads of up to 13 t (optionally 16 t). The standard differential lock and ASR ensure maximum traction even in tough conditions. Likewise ready for any task are the durable front stub axles for the Actros. Their offset design allows body height to be maximised for long-distance transport operations. All front axles are equipped as standard with stabiliser bars and shock absorbers and are available with carrying capacities of up to 9 t.

Content engine gearbox axles 03

Weight-optimised and powerful – the single-reduction HL 6 hypoid rear axle.

The electrohydraulically steered Telligent® trailing axle is available ex works for 6x2 platform vehicles with air suspension and a permissible gross vehicle weight of 25 t. It reduces the turning circle and increases steering comfort, making it particularly advantageous when manoeuvring in tight spaces. Like all trailing axles, it can be lifted pneumatically, thereby reducing fuel consumption as well as brake and tyre wear.

Content engine gearbox axles 06

Reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – the two-stage regulated water pump.

The two-stage regulated water pump increases cost-effectiveness even more: whenever the engine permits it, the rotational speed of the water pump is reduced to 60 %. In long-distance transport operations, this reduces fuel consumption and also cuts CO2 emissions. The two-stage regulated water pump is only available as standard for the Actros 320 kW in conjunction with L and MegaSpace cabs and for all Actros models with V6 engines.

1) For Actros models with outputs of 235 to 335 kW and standard silencer.

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