When building trucks, you have to consider much more than just the truck itself.

In the future it will become increasingly important to combine economy and ecology. At Mercedes-Benz, we've already started to do just that: with BlueTecEco. Under this name, we have brought together a range of products and services which reduce your fuel consumption and consequently can help to preserve the environment. By using vehicle technology that makes our trucks very efficient. And by giving seminars, training courses and advice that are good for both the environment and your balance sheet. In fact, we're doing our utmost to deliver efficiency and sustainability.

Vehicle technology is responsible for less than 60 % of consumption. The rest is determined by factors such as driving style, weather, traffic conditions and topography. These are the findings from an attempt to break the fuel economy record in an Actros1, carried out under ideal conditions at the proving ground in Nardo, Italy. The production vehicle, carrying a 25-tonne payload and equipped with BlueTec® 5, Mercedes PowerShift 2, super-wide tyres on the drive axle and aerodynamic trim on both tractor unit and semitrailer, sailed into the Guinness Book of Records2 with a fuel consumption of just 19.44 litres per 100 km.

The record-breaking drive at Nardo illustrates just how much potential for savings the Actros offers when influential factors such as driving style and practical knowledge are taken into account.

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More and more haulage companies are realising that if you want to keep up with the competition, you need to put the environment and fuel consumption at the top of your agenda. Because fuel, and how efficiently it is used, has a major impact on the profitability of your company. As a result, we at Mercedes-Benz are working hard to optimise our trucks. And on implementing fuel-reducing solutions – such as our BlueTecEco pack of measures. Alongside providing efficient vehicle solutions for every application, we are also offering our customers a comprehensive advice and training portfolio – because every litre of fuel saved not only increases the efficiency of your fleet but helps to protect the environment at the same time. BlueTecEco improves your balance sheet in many different ways:

Innovative technical measures, such as the BlueTec® 5 engines, the Mercedes PowerShift automated transmission and optimised aerodynamics ensure further reductions in fuel consumption in the Actros, all while maintaining consistently high transport performance.

By providing training courses, seminars and advice, we can help you to reduce your fuel consumption even further. Because test drives have shown that external factors, such as driving style, traffic conditions, the vehicle configuration, the topography and maintenance, are responsible for 40 % of fuel consumption. Already running for several years now, our BlueTecEco driver training has been showing drivers and haulage companies how to get even more out of every litre of diesel. And the internet-based FleetBoard® telematics system is designed to increase the efficiency of your fleet: driving and consumption analyses help you to exploit the savings potential of your Actros to the full – for greater economy and a better environment. See for yourself just what all our fuel-saving measures combined can achieve.

To help you save fuel – and thus take care of the environment – while you're out on the road, we'll use every means it takes, including training courses, seminars, detailed analyses, individual advice and, of course, FleetBoard®, the online fleet management system from Mercedes-Benz.

Advanced, fuel-efficient vehicle technology is an essential requirement for economical and environmentally conscious road transport. We use a host of technical measures to ensure further reductions in fuel consumption in the Actros whilst maintaining consistently high transport performance.

Economical compliance with Euro V, low fuel consumption and extremely low CO2 emissions are just some of the advantages of BlueTec® 5, the SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz. BlueTec® 5 is also an excellent solution where particulate emissions are concerned. Because no other Euro V technology reduces particulate pollutants so effectively. The Actros can already be optionally configured to meet the even more stringent EEV3 (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) standard.

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Fleetboard8, the telematics solution from Mercedes-Benz, offers a host of possibilities for improving vehicle and transport management efficiency and can play a significant role in reducing fuel consumption. For instance, Fleetboard can be used to carry out usage and fuel consumption analyses. Fleetboard also enables different types of routes and applications to be compared in terms of fuel consumption and severity of conditions by using specific performance indicators. This provides an objective view of which drivers already have a fuel-saving driving style and which drivers would perhaps benefit from further training in order to become more efficient. As a result, the Fleetboard driving analysis feature provides an excellent basis for an objective performance-related bonus scheme for salaries, giving every driver the opportunity to improve their driving style.

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[1] Actros 1844, 320 kW.
[2] "the most fuel efficient 40-tonne truck", Guinness World Records 2009.
[3] Actros models with outputs of 235 to 335 kW and standard silencer.
[4] We only recommend 16 gears if the truck is being used in extremely tough conditions in terms of topography and load.
[5] Optional for Actros.
[6] Only for Actros 4x2 semitrailer tractors.
[7] Only for Actros 320 kW in conjunction with L and MegaSpace cab. Standard for all Actros models with V6 engines.
[8] From Daimler Fleetboard GmbH.

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