Greater safety
Mercedes-Benz RoadEfficiency

Greater safety

Getting you there safely – with the support of assistance and safety systems.

This is the second pillar of RoadEfficiency and an attribute of our trucks to which the Actros attaches even greater emphasis. With the new MirrorCam1,2, for example, which replaces the conventional rear-view mirror. And with new Active Drive Assist3, which is optionally available for certain Actros models with L-cab and MirrorCam, to noticeably relieve the driver's workload and provide crucial added safety.

Arrive safely – with the support of innovative assistance systems to improve driving safety which actively relieve the strain on the driver and treat the vehicle and the load with sufficient care, thereby contributing to higher efficiency. On every journey.

Trucks that are very safe are not just an important development for all road users. They are also more efficient, because they are less often put out of action by accidents and they relieve the driver's workload. This is why we have been focusing for over 45 years now on developing innovative assistance systems.

With new Active Drive Assist3,4, which is optionally available for certain Actros models with L-cab and MirrorCam, with optional enhanced Active Brake Assist 54, Traffic Sign Assist5, the electronic parking brake and Trailer Stability Assist6we are continuing this pioneering work – and putting assistance systems on the road that offer the driver additional support - all in the interests of getting to the truck's destination safely and efficiently every time.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Comprehensive scope of standard equipment, including Active Brake Assist, Stability Control Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Attention Assist and follow-me-home lighting
  • Active Drive Assist3,7for enhanced driving comfort and high efficiency
  • Proximity Control Assist8with stop-and-go function, Active Brake Assist 54, Cornering Assist7,9, Sideguard Assist14, electronic parking brake with HOLD function, Trailer Stability Assist6
  • MirrorCam1,2for enhanced visibility and added safety during manoeuvring, turning off and lane changing
  • High/low beam and cornering light7,10 : enhanced safety with automatic high, low beam and cornering light, LED daytime running lamps10, LED tail lamps7
  • Bi-xenon headlamps7, cornering light7, front fog lamp7

This new driving assistance system which is optionally available for certain Actros trucks helps the driver to maintain a safe distance from the traffic ahead and to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane. On long, monotonous stretches in particular, it offers a high level of safety and stress-reducing comfort for enhanced driver-fitness safety.

New Active Drive Assist represents an extension to the scope of functions of Proximity Control Assistwhich, in addition to automatic distance control with the stop-and-go function, can also actively help the driver to stay in lane. It employs the enhanced radar and camera technology of the new Active Brake Assist 5 system4 for this purpose in combination with electrically assisted steering and Lane Keeping Assist.

In place of the conventional rear-view mirror, the new Actros is fitted with the innovative, aerodynamically sophisticated MirrorCam. This saves fuel and offers improved visibility to the rear and in the area of the A-pillar.

The MirrorCam also provides for added safety during manoeuvring, turning off and lane changing, for example by panning12 the camera image according to the vehicle's movements. As an alternative to the new MirrorCam, a classic mirror system is also available.

The fifth generation of the system assists the driver13 by carrying out full brake application in response to stationary and moving objects in certain conditions, in addition to which it is also able to perform partial or maximum full-stop braking in response to moving or halted pedestrians, thereby reducing the severity of accidents or avoiding accidents altogether.

[1] Not in conjunction with Classic cockpit. 
[2] Not for ADR vehicles. 
[3] Expected to be available from 04/2019. 
[4] Optional equipment, only in conjunction with Proximity Control Assist. 
[5] Option, standard in conjunction with Multimedia Cockpit, interactive. 
[6] Only in conjunction with trailer with ABS/EBS.
[7] Special equipment. 
[8] Optional extra, only in conjunction with Active Brake Assist 5.
[9] In conjunction with tank size 650 mm x 700 mm.
[10] Not in conjunction with 320 mm engine tunnel and not in conjunction with straight front axle. 
[11] Not available for Atego. 
[12] Only with CAN-equipped trailers.
[13] Within the system's limits. 
[14] Only available for LHD vehicles. Only for 4x2 LS and 6x2 L Actros and Antos and in conjunction with 650 mm x 700 mm tank and three-piece wing. 

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