Drive technology

Drive technology

Pulls away immediately and effortlessly with high power delivery that you can feel straight away – all the powertrain components of the Actros are perfectly tuned to each other. For highly economical operation and exceptional driving dynamics.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Exceptional driving dynamics through perfectly tuned powertrain configurations and immediately responsive engines
  • Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission with selectively engageable drive modes and additional functions matched to operating profiles
  • Precise gear selection in accordance with the particular driving situation in question
  • Friction-loss-reduced hypoid rear axle
  • Comprehensive range of rear axle ratios and transmission variants
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Superior dynamic response, simple handling and low fuel consumption. The automated transmission ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort and a very high level of economic efficiency.

The "economy" driving mode supports a particularly economical driving style, the "power" mode a very dynamic one. The fleet driving program is pre-set to use "fleet" driving mode. Mercedes PowerShift 3 provides fast shifting from forward to reverse and high-ratio reverse gears for easy manoeuvring. Moving off is noticeably more comfortable thanks to the crawl function.

With Mercedes PowerShift 3, additional functions, such as direct shifting from forward to reverse as well as high-ratio reverse gears, make for easy manoeuvring. Moving off is extremely comfortable thanks to the crawl function.

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EcoRoll mode.

Selective use of the EcoRoll mode allows the Actros to operate even more fuel-efficiently by spending longer coasting on the level and also ahead of hilltops and at the end of hill sections.

The Actros is available with the three driving programs fleet, economy or power, one of which can be selected at the time of purchase. Different driving modes increase driving comfort and efficiency

Economy driving program. The "economy" drive program can be activated selectively and supports an economical driving style.

The rear axle is a weight-optimised sheet-steel-formed axle with a 440 mm ring gear. It is fitted to air-suspended 3-axle vehicles up to a gross train weight of 80 t. It has a single ratio. The hypoid toothing ensures high running smoothness with low frictional losses. The drive shafts have maintenance-free compact bearings; the wheel bearings are also maintenance-free.

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