Tank variants

Tank variants

Flexible combination options.

Flexible combination options – within the same tank cross-section different tank capacities can be combined on the left and right-hand side. This applies to diesel and AdBlue® tanks as well as to combination tanks. The illustrations show two possible variants on tractor units with a component-carrier rear end.

To meet individual requirements, the Actros up to 44 t can be equipped with tanks of differing heights and widths.

Tank example for the Actros 4x2 tractor unit (3700 mm wheelbase): 1300 l diesel, 90 l AdBlue®. Tank capacity of 1420 l available for wheelbase of 3850 mm and higher – on the left: 880 l diesel and 90 l AdBlue®, on the right: 540 l diesel.

Tank example for the Actros Volumer 4x2 tractor unit (wheelbase 3700 mm: 990 l diesel, 75 l AdBlue®).

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