Engines, transmissions, gearshift

Engines, transmissions, gearshift

Advanced, especially efficient Euro VI technology.

The powerful, robust Arocs engines incorporate advanced, efficient Euro VI technology. Above all, they deliver precisely the power you need for the tough jobs in construction transport and the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift boasts high driving comfort, precise gear selection, efficient power transmission and enhanced handling.

The particularly long-lived 6-cylinder in-line engines of the Arocs fully cover all performance requirements in construction transport. For optimum job matching, the fuel-efficient Euro VI engines are available in the four displacement classes 7.7 l, 10.7 l, 12.8 l and 15.6 l.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Robust, high-torque, fuel efficient 6-cylinder in-line engines in four displacement classes spanning 18 output levels from 175 kW (238 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp)
  • Spontaneous power delivery resulting from high torque even in the low rev range
  • Broad torque range reduces number of shift operations and saves wear on clutch and transmission
  • Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift with six application specific transmission variants, with 8, 12 and 16 gears
  • Selectable driving modes and additional functions, rocking mode, fast reversing
  • Crawl function with integrated manoeuvring mode for simple moving off and precise manoeuvring
  • Optional manual double H gearshift with pneumatic shifting assistance for one 9- or three 16-speed transmissions1
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The three-stage, wear-free auxiliary brake offering up to 480 kW of brake power1 is optionally available for even greater safety. The three-stage brake system reduces wear on the service brake while enhancing safety and control of the vehicle.

The three-stage brake system offering up to 375 kW1 of brake power reduces wear on the service brake while enhancing safety and control of the vehicle.

Superior dynamic response, simple handling and low fuel consumption. The automated transmission ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort and a very high level of economic efficiency. The Mercedes PowerShift 3 applies sensitive sensor technology for gearshifting to ensure gear selection in accordance with the given driving and load situation. Overrun mode on a downhill gradient is identified and the gear is held. The crawl function with integral manoeuvring mode makes moving off easy and manoeuvring precise and responsive. Furthermore, there are various transmission modes and additional functions to make driving in construction transport easier.

With Mercedes PowerShift 3, additional functions such as direct shifting from 1 to R, rocking mode and reverse gears with high ratios enable simple manoeuvring. The crawl function makes particularly easy work of moving off.

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Turbo Retarder Clutch. The optionally available Turbo Retarder Clutch guarantees precise and wear-free moving-off and manoeuvring with maximum traction and high braking torque, even at low vehicle speeds.


The inclination sensor is an asset in tailoring the truck to its given tasks. This sensor identifies gradients and prevents upshifting. The broad torque range enables gears to be held for longer in off-road terrain. That reduces the numbers of gear changes, thereby taking some of the load off the clutch and transmission.

[1] Depending on engine variant.
[2] Standard in conjunction with secondary water retarder.

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