High flexibility ensures smooth ground handling.

Many passengers, thousands of flights and innumerable processes, all of which must be perfectly intertwined with one another: flight operations are a real logistic challenge. The Econic fits perfectly into the ground support team.

The low cab can fit under the vast majority of aircraft wings, ranging from the Boeing 737 to the Airbus A380. Positioning the major assemblies behind the cab creates a vehicle which is extremely bodybuilder-friendly. And it's precisely this that makes the Econic such a multi-talent. Refuelling, catering or with a scissor-type medical lift to provide assistance to wheelchair users and passengers who must be transported in a lying position. Taking an alternative route, prioritising certain flights, or a change to the planned parking position – ensuring the success of airlines above the clouds needs rapid solutions on the ground. Thanks to the standard automatic transmission, drivers can concentrate wholly on their surroundings. Meanwhile, the panoramic glazing also allows the driver to keep everything well in sight. Aeroplanes, ground handling vehicles, employees. It's a professional among professionals.

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