Perfectly suited to the most varied of sectors.

The chassis has been designed to be particularly bodybuilder-friendly. Wheelbases from 3450 mm to 5700 mm, permissible gross weights of between 18 t and 32 t, a broad selection of axle variants and favourable positioning of major assemblies mean that the Econic is perfectly suited to a wide range of sectors and tasks.

Further advantages of the Econic are its modern, electrohydraulically steered leading or trailing axles and the height-adjustable full air suspension on all axles (-50 to +160 mm).

Advantages at a glance.

  • Bodybuilder-friendly low frame and space-saving low-floor concept
  • Permissible gross weight of 18 to 26 tonnes
  • Development and manufacture from a single source
  • Mercedes-Benz warranty and service
  • Qualified advice and support – including the supply of registration documents
  • Network of top-performing conversion partners

When it comes to special challenges, we take things one step further: complex conversions and individual solutions are the daily bread of Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT). You'll receive a truck tailored to your specific needs and all in series-production quality.

Custom Tailored Trucks is a world-renowned conversion specialist which offers customer-specific solutions and tailored products in top quality. Find out more about the ultimate port of call at Mercedes-Benz for special requests from customers.

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