Stowage facilities
The new Actros

Stowage facilities

Space for everything that you need for a long journey.

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road needs space of their own. And space for the essentials that are on board during long journeys. This is why the cabs of the Actros offer particularly spacious interiors – with vast amounts of stowage space.

Beyond the extensive scope of stowage facilities which comes as standard, additional stowage compartments1 are available to make individual and efficient use of the available space.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Vast range of stowage facilities
  • Stowage capacity of up to 332 l above windscreen
  • Stowage compartments beneath the bed with a capacity of up to 558 l
  • Optional refrigerator with a capacity of up to 36 l
  • Optional folding table integrated into the dash support on the co-driver's side
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Stowage compartments above the windscreen. As a result of the new, symmetrical arrangement of the stowage compartments above the windscreen, the GigaSpace offers not only 332 l of stowage capacity, but also excellent freedom of movement and headroom on the co-driver's side. The upper stowage compartments with hinged lids are illuminated on the inside, lined with slip-resistant felt and offer two drivers adequate space for everything they need to take along with them.

[1] Depending on cab variant.
[2] Also for StreamSpace with width of 2500 mm. 

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