Unimog U 216 - U 530


Top performing technology with power as standard.

In the Unimog, the fully synchronised electro-pneumatic transmission with its eight forward and six reverse gears provides the tractive power. Unimog is characterised by reliability, robustness and efficiency. And the synchronised Electronic Quick Reverse feature makes it easier to change direction quickly, for instance, during snow-clearing or manoeuvring. There is also the option of a forward-reverse switch which can be integrated into the multifunction joystick.

Two drive programs help reduce the driver's workload: in automatic mode "A" – whilst taking into account the load, accelerator position, engine operation, climbs/inclines and the engine brake – the drive program handles gear changes and clutch operation entirely. However, if it becomes necessary for the driver to manually change gear using the multifunction lever, this is also possible.

Complete control is offered by the "M" drive program (manual). Here, gear selection is also made using the multifunction lever. The driver determines the gear and the clutch operation occurs automatically.

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The Unimog implement carrier is a workhorse. And the fully synchronous manual transmission with eight forwards and six (or optionally eight) reverse gears is true proof of that. The fine graduation in the lower gears allows easier individual adjustment of the speed to the current operations. Rapid changing of direction and rocking free are no problem at all thanks to the truck's synchronised reversing gears: it is possible to shift directly between forwards and reverse gears. The low positioning and modular design are conducive to a low vehicle centre of gravity and low transfer of engine vibrations.

There are three variants of transmission-driven power take-off available. For example, the rapid transmission power take-off with 4-hole flange can be used to drive hydraulic pumps. The rotational speed and direction of the power take-off are the same as the engine speed and its direction of rotation. For implement control from outside the cab, a remote control is also available. Programming of the maximum rotational speed prevents overstepping the permissible upper rotational speed limit.

Equally as powerful is the transmission-driven power take-off with 6-hole flange. For applications whereby a very high power take-up is required, such as for fire service pumps, the third variety – also with standardised 6-hole flange – offers an optimal solution. With a nominal engine speed of 2200 rpm, a working speed of up to 3606 rpm can be attained. Here, too, a remote control for use outside the vehicle is also available.

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