Fire & rescue
Unimog U 4023/U 5023

Fire & rescue

A very tough performer.

Forest fires in the Mediterranean, floods on the Danube and Elbe, violent hurricanes and autumn storms all over Europe, plus hail or earthquakes: The number of natural disasters is on the increase all around the world – and with them the pressure is increasing for the special operations of fire brigades and disaster control organisations. This means that the emergency forces are facing ever greater challenges – and so are the emergency vehicles. No other vehicle offers comparable performance potential under the toughest conditions than the Unimog: on the one hand as a transport vehicle for a work team, material, tools and equipment. And on the other, on site as a fire-fighting, clearing or recovery vehicle.

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The Unimog is the benchmark, with its cranked and welded vehicle frame, thrust tube technology for extreme diagonal twisting of up to 600 mm, large approach, departure and ramp breakover angles, portal axles, all-wheel drive and differential locks as well as high traction and climbing capability.

A unique feature is the self-protection system. It has the ability to spray the tyres and windscreen should the vehicle come into close contact with flames. The heat protection package, which is already available ex works includes, for example, the sheathing of important cables to protect them from heat and damage.

With its operational tactical preparations - for example the round roof hatch for firefighting directly from the cab - the Unimog effectively supports emergency forces. On top of all this, the optional crewcab provides space for up to 7 firefighters.

The engine or transmission power take-off makes the Unimog the perfect vehicle for fast forest firefighting. The transmission with off-road group ensures that the vehicle can also be operated in difficult terrain or for "pump & roll" at extremely low driving speeds. The drive system is designed in such a manner as to enable fording of bodies of water with a depth of up to 80 cm (optionally 120 cm). These are further highlights: the Tirecontrol Plus central tyre inflation system with "road", "sand" and "rough" modes and the powerful transmission with the Electronic Quick Reverse gearshift, the off-road reduction gear and the electronically automated EAS gear shift.

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