Tirecontrol Plus
Unimog U 4023/U 5023

Tirecontrol Plus

Indispensable on off-road terrain.

No-one is yet to compete with the Unimog in this environment: setting the right tyre pressure for the task at hand is conveniently carried out at the push of a button on the display. The driver has the choice between Manual control, or the three pre-configured modes "Road", "Sand" and "Rough". The tyre pressure is then automatically adjusted. This means the Unimog can be driven with low tyre pressure on loose ground such as sand or mud and therefore has a greater tyre contact area. This leads to better traction and less slipping, or more economical, safer driving when on-road and the tyres are set at a higher pressure with a smaller surface area.

The Tirecontrol Plus central tyre inflation system is available ex-factory and no special conversion is necessary.

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High tyre pressure.

  • Low contact area
  • Low tyre wear
  • Low fuel consumption
  • High load-bearing capability at high speed
  • Great tracking safety and steering stability
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Low tyre pressure.

  • Large contact area
  • Low ground pressure, less ground disturbance
  • Less slipping
  • High traction
  • Good self-cleaning (tread)
  • Low compaction of ground, fewer ruts
  • No getting stuck in the mud
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Activating the tyre pressure control system.

  • Preselect or manually select pre-programmed mode on the display
  • Operated via steering wheel buttons
  • Test and fill valve as well as pipework are all protected under the hub cap
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