Home comforts

Home comforts

You'll love it. Perhaps just as much as your own home.

What makes driving a pleasure? What makes for a comfortable home? And what makes a space feel larger? The Actros has the answers.

One particularly practical feature is the compressed-air connection with standardised fitting which is installed as standard on the seat base of the driver's seat. The connection can be used for easy cleaning of the cab with compressed air. A compatible compressed-air gun with spiral hose is optionally available for road vehicles.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Standard-specification lower comfort bed with slatted base and adjustable head board
  • Upper comfort bed with a range of practical adjustment options
  • Body contour supporting and flexibly sprung slatted base in both beds
  • Single cab configuration features comfortable armchair for solo drivers
  • Co-driver's function seat with folding seat cushion and backrest
  • Optional reclining seat – for unparalleled levels of comfort and relaxation
  • Sunblind for the driver's side, also available as option for co-driver's side
  • Two towel holders as standard
  • Large shaving mirror as standard
  • Optional folding table on co-driver's side
  • Numerous practical stowage trays and compartments
  • Optional refrigerator with capacity of 25 l
  • Optional attractively priced Comfort Pack with a selection of features

The practical function seat on the co-driver's side has an integral head restraint, a three-point seat belt and its most notable feature – a fold-up seat cushion which creates more space in the co-driver area. The backrest can also be folded forwards.

One of the key elements in the homely co-driver's area of the optional "single cab" configuration is the comfortable armchair which is located on the rear wall and replaces the conventional co-driver's seat. Wide, comfortable armrests and the upholstered side wall area with integral reading light make waiting times and breaks simply more pleasant. And thanks to the folding backrest, the living space converts quickly into a spacious bedroom.

The optionally available reclining seat for the co-driver's side offers unprecedented levels of comfort and relaxation thanks to the superb upholstery, adjustable neck support, folding armrests, electric inclination adjustment, integral seat heating and a swan-neck lamp attached to the seat.

The standard-specification lower comfort bed features a flexibly sprung slatted base and adjustable headboard and offers optimum sleeping comfort. At 80 cm wide and 202 cm long, even the dimensions of the optional upper comfort bed leave nothing wanting. Neither does the flexibly sprung slatted base, the angle of which can be steplessly adjusted by up to 10° in the direction of travel to cope with uneven ground.

Both beds in the Actros feature a flexibly sprung slatted base for optimum sleeping comfort.

For the best night's sleep – the comfort bed.

The L and MegaSpace cabs feature two 42 cm towel rails mounted on the roof liner which provide space for anything that needs drying en route.

For those who like to start the day with a shave, a shaving mirror located in the upper right-hand stowage compartment with hinged cover comes as standard in the L cab with high roof and the MegaSpace cab. The mirror can be swivelled, folded and lowered as required.

The towel holder and shaving mirror are standard on the L cab with high roof and on the MegaSpace cab.

For optimum in-cab temperature and air distribution – heating, air conditioning, ball-type vent.

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning: both the L and MegaSpace cabs are equipped as standard with a manually controlled air conditioning system. As an option, automatic climate control is available which automatically adjusts all functions, including the fan setting, temperature and air distribution. And the Air Quality System automatically switches from fresh to recirculated air mode when necessary. An auxiliary heater and stationary air conditioning are available as an option. The ball-type air vents on the inside door trim enhance safety and comfort by preventing the side windows from misting up or freezing over and help to establish an optimum air flow within the cab.