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Fewer cents per kilometre – the operationally optimised drivetrain configuration of the Actros lets you travel economically. Low fuel consumption is enabled by the dependable Euro V engines and BlueTec® SCR diesel technology, for economically complying with the Euro V standard.

Depending on application, the Telligent® maintenance system allows service intervals of up to 120,000 km and optional oil-change intervals of up to 150,000 km . This is because it is based on the actual wear and tear of the Actros – enabling the potential of all the operating fluids to be utilised to the full. Consumption-optimised tyres with a long service life and optional super-wide tyres on light-alloy rims increase the truck’s payload by around 110 kg, and also reduce rolling resistance. Also helping to reduce fuel consumption are the two-stage regulated water pump1, the compressed-air control system on air-sprung vehicles – for example the 4x2 semitrailer tractors – and the optional aerodynamic A-pillar panelling.

Optionally available Economy Packs help to reduce costs even further. The Mercedes PowerShift 2 automated transmission, a standard feature on the Actros, also increases economy, while its optimised smooth gearshifting and fast gear changes will impress the driver.

Also offering potential savings are the attractively-priced service contracts and services such as Fleetboard® and Mercedes-Benz BlueTecEco driver training, which encourage a more fuel-efficient, low-wear driving style. Our extensive workshop network with more than 1750 service outlets throughout Europe – some of which remain open round the clock – help to ensure that your truck is back in operation as soon as possible after a breakdown. We do everything in our power to make this happen.

[1] Only available for the Actros 320 kW with L and MegaSpace cab, standard on all Actros trucks with V6 engines.
[2] Standard equipment in conjunction with the upper bed and air-sprung seats.