Safety systems

Safety systems

For even less risk and even more safety.

Safety is relative. Minimisation of risks is not. Which is why the Actros comes as standard with exemplary safety features. Various optional driving dynamic control and driver assistance systems are also available.

For even less risk and even more safety.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Interior with non-splintering, low-flammability materials
  • Optional airbag in conjunction with belt tensioner
  • Telligent® brake system for short stopping distances – with ABS, ASR, Brake Assist and hill holder1
  • Dynamic handling control and driver assistance systems for enhanced ride comfort and safety: safety innovation Active Brake Assist 21, Telligent® stability control, Telligent® proximity control, Telligent® Lane Assistant, Safety Packs1
  • Resale value-boosting retarder1 for reduced wear and maintenance on the service brake
  • Bi-xenon headlamps1 for excellent road illumination
  • Rain and light sensor1 for enhancing road safety and reducing driver workload

Telligent® Lane Assistant.

This optional lane recognition system is always wide awake. It warns the driver if it detects that the vehicle is about to stray unintentionally out of its lane. If this happens, an audible signal is output through the radio loudspeakers. The camera mounted behind the windscreen continuously sends images of the road markings to its powerful computer which then checks the lateral distance between the vehicle and the lane markings and, if need be, triggers an alarm.

Enhanced safety, fewer accidents – Active Brake Assist 2.

Unique and only from Mercedes-Benz: in critical situations, Active Brake Assist 2 can help to minimise the risk of an accident or mitigate its consequences. Because, unlike the previous Active Brake Assist, the system can also react to detected stationary obstacles such as the end of a queue of traffic.

If a critical situation arises, the system can warn the driver with visual and audible signals and, if necessary, initiate partial braking to give the driver the best possible chance of bringing the vehicle to a standstill.

All previous functionalities of Active Brake Assist are retained unchanged. For example, the system also warns the driver if it detects an acute risk of a collision with a slower moving vehicle ahead. Active Brake Assist 2 is available for the Actros as an option with Telligent® proximity control.

Safety is relative, but minimisation of risks is not – The Actros is equipped as standard with airbags and front, rear and side underride guards.

Safety is relative. Minimisation of risks is not. Which is why a driver's airbag combined with a belt tensioner is available as an option in the Actros. Depending on the severity and nature of the accident, an electronic control unit is able to deploy the airbag in two stages and at the same time activate the belt tensioner to keep the seat belt as close to the driver's body as possible.


Also contributing to safety are the front, rear and side underride guards. They are specifically designed to offer protection to other road users. In a collision with a passenger car, they help to reduce intrusion into the passenger car cell. The front, rear and side underride guards are available as standard for all power classes of the Actros, subject to vehicle configuration.

[1] Optional for the Actros