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Used Trucks

At TruckStore you will not only find a large selection of used trucks, trailers and semitrailers covering all brands, models, bodies and ages.

At TruckStore you won't just find a large selection of used trucks, trailers and semitrailers, but also all brands, models, bodies and ages. Plus, at all of our European locations, you will receive the same professional advice and a comprehensive range of services during your truck purchase. Just one example of our services is the unique TruckStore warranty for used trucks.

With decades of experience in vehicle manufacturing and development, Mercedes-Benz trucks stand for the greatest reliability and quality.

The Mercedes-Benz brand will assist you in efficiently mastering your daily transport tasks in a truck equipped with robust components which have proven their worth many thousands of times and with a range of equipment matched to the prevailing topographic and climatic conditions at your location. The trucks are optimally designed to meet the needs of long-distance haulage and short-radius distribution, plus they also work problem-free even in extreme conditions.

Find what you're looking for in the TruckStore vehicle search. Among other things, we have a stock of various semitrailer tractor units with a range of different hydraulics systems and couplings, not to mention trucks with a platform or tarpaulin body, and even completely flexible swap frame bodies.

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