More than just a word for us. It stands for a tradition extending back over more than 120 years.

A tradition which gives rise to vehicles you can rely on, as exemplified by the Mercedes-Benz Trucks range. Trucks which have been built to always deliver top performance, even in the most extreme conditions – with the reliability you rightly expect of a Mercedes-Benz.

During the construction of our trucks, we always use the strictest quality standards: Real-life requirements. Or in short: Your requirements. For us, this means providing you with trucks that operate without a hitch, even in extreme conditions and in difficult terrain. In other words: “Trucks you can trust”.

With the new Mercedes-Benz Trucks range, we are able to offer you vehicles incorporating the rich fund of experience and expertise acquired over more than 120 years of German engineering, equipped with leading Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology and components tested under the toughest conditions. This applies to engines, transmissions and drive axles as well as frames, chassis, suspension and cabs.

Everything is perfectly coordinated, in order to meet all requirements reliably, even in extreme conditions and difficult terrain. Compelling quality that is immediately apparent the first time you take to the wheel – and which will continue to deliver benefits for many years to come.

Advantages at a glance.

  • 6-cylinder in-line engines which are particularly reliable, efficient and durable
  • Mercedes PowerShift 3 for easy operation, reduced shift times, precise gear selection and fuel savings
  • 1- or 2-disc clutches for maximum torque of up to 3 000 Nm and for high gross combination weights
  • Efficient hypoid axles and robust planetary axles for high axle loads
  • Extensive testing and high-quality production process guarantees that every truck earns its star
  • Increase in service life
  • Increased cooling capacity for engine and transmission

A truck only earns money when it is up and running. As such, the prime requirement in the ever tougher construction business is for trucks that can be counted on to operate reliably. With particularly durable drive components, the Mercedes-Benz Trucks range is a shining example of how this is done.

All Arocs components are engineered to be particularly durable, repair- and maintenance-friendly and boast a high degree of reliability. This is further ensured by extensive testing at the Mercedes-Benz Development and Testing Centre in Wörth, where worldwide road conditions are simulated, enabling our trucks to be tested under the toughest conditions.

The unrelenting test programme also includes summer and winter trials at extreme temperatures and millions of kilometres on rough road tracks and in endurance testing. Overall, the Mercedes-Benz Trucks range has demonstrated its durability and reliability over more than 60 million test kilometres.

Conten reliability 03

High-quality production. With more than 120 years of experience in truck production, premium Mercedes-Benz quality is assured at every step of the production process to guarantee maximum reliability.

[1] Model specific