Maximised use

Maximised use

Keeping business rolling. With optimum vehicle usage.

The  revolutionary telediagnosis operating system that can monitor various sensors on your vehicle in real time, without the need for a manual link and download, and can provide guidance on actions to ensure optimal vehicle availability. Mercedes-Benz Uptime can detect critical conditions related to sensor readings at an early stage. Data is shared automatically with Mercedes-Benz so we can alert you to anything that needs attention, providing appropriate repair solutions in good time.

Assistance around the clock. Mercedes-Benz Service24h ensures direct assistance in the event of a breakdown – 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. A call to the free hotline on 0800 133 355 is all it takes. If the driver also presses the “Service Call Button”,the vehicle data and the coordinates of the breakdown location are transmitted to Mercedes-Benz Service24h. In the event of a breakdown, excellently equipped service technicians arrive at the scene with a workshop on wheels to get the vehicle up and running again as quickly as possible.

FleetBoard offers objective and comparative data from each freight vehicle in the fleet, which provides an overview of the operational performance of individual vehicles, fuel levels, and consumption, as well as drivers work profiles, by means of evaluations and grading’s, ensuring optimal flexibility, maintenance and service information. Driver and vehicle management entails performance analysis, service/telediagnostics, trip records and mapping.

Driver development is of significant importance in the transport industry as the latest technology on modern commercial vehicles requires upgraded driver skills. Mercedes-Benz TruckTraining provide tailor made courses and programs to achieve this goal. Customers benefit from optimal utilization of the vehicle and improved efficiency of their fleets.



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