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Customer Services & Parts

Get the best out of your truck and keep it running. fast and efficient fitting means savings on labour too.

As a proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz, we’re sure you want to look after it.
To get the best out of your truck and to keep it running how the Mercedes-Benz engineers intended, we recommend that you have it maintained and serviced at regular intervals at any one of our Mercedes-Benz authorised Dealers located across the South Africa. We have a number of servicing and repair options and Service Contracts designed to help manage your maintenance costs with flexible and affordable options.

What will we do for you. Your truck will be serviced correctly. Servicing carried out to the manufacturer's standards can increase fuel economy by 30% service measures identified by the factory will be undertaken to ensure that your vehicle receives all the necessary upgrades - free of charge.

Only GenuineParts will be fitted, reducing the chances of vehicle breakdown and inconvenience to yourself and your business

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Whether you need a larger repair, like a new body panel or have a smaller problem that needs fixing like an annoying scratch on a door, you can trust Mercedes-Benz authorised repairers to take care of it.

Genuine Accessories

Genuine Accessories

Whether you drive Actros, Atego or Axor: we deliver customised genuine accessories in tried-and-tested Mercedes-Benz quality to meet all your requirements.

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