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For 45 years, Mercedes-Benz has been providing the necessary expertise to allow drivers to unfold their potential and use technology to the full.

Efficiency on the road isn’t just about vehicle performance, it’s also about driver performance. 

That’s why we’ve not only designed our trucks to perform – our training programmes enable your drivers to perform too. All our courses draw on over 30 years of training experience and provide guidance on how to operate a Mercedes-Benz vehicle in the most efficient way possible.

That’s why, with Mercedes-Benz Truck Training, making the most productive use of your transport resources has never been more achievable.

Mercedes-Benz TruckTraining courses are designed to bring our trucks to life, ensuring increased efficiency, safety and technical understanding for all attendees. 

Blending technical, theoretical and practical activities, our experienced trainers develop in-depth comprehension of how our vehicles work - and, how to get the very best results from them.

 The success of the programmes gives us the peace of mind that we are also contributing to a safer experience for all road

Our onsite courses offer a blend of classroom and practical in-cab training to cater for all learning styles.
Our graduates leave courses with the skills, understanding and techniques to improve driving efficiency, technological understanding and safety.

E-mail or contact:

Megenthran Naidoo:     +27 82 377 9468


Phumla Nape          

                                        +27 12 673 6423


For larger fleets, we can deliver our courses at your premises.

To find out how we can help larger fleets, call us on: +27 (0)12 677 1744


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