Safeguard the road ahead.
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Safeguard the road ahead.

For the past 125 years, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has been developing advanced safety systems that work together to safeguard the road ahead. These invisible guardians often go unnoticed; operating behind the scenes to help keep the driver, their load, and other road users safe.

From the Electronic Stability Program to Active Brake Assist 5, these active safety features are now safer and smarter then ever - resulting in a more supported, more efficient, and more comfortable journey every time.

Attention Assist can warn the driver if the system detects signs of fatigue or drowsiness.

The Electronic Parking Brake with HOLD function is automatically activated to provide greater safety.

Our latest generation of vehicles also come with an impressive scope of safety features such as Proximity Control Assist, Electronic Stability Control and Active Drive Assist 2. These innovative assistance systems help monitor traffic situations, perform pre-emptive measures, and help reduce the risk of a collision. Trucks that are safer are also more efficient, as they help relieve the driver’s workload and limit unnecessary vehicle downtime.

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