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Rigid trucks for short-radius distribution.

A truck ahead of its time. The new Actros meets the continually growing demands in heavy-duty distribution haulage more effectively than ever1. With enhanced efficiency. With unique comfort. And with improved reliability.

To this end, we have equipped the new Actros with pioneering technical innovations which help assist to reduce fuel consumption, boost vehicle use and safety, and aims to offer the truck driver additional support in carrying out their work in the field of heavy-duty distribution haulage. Unique, future-oriented connectivity and the harmonious interaction of intelligent assistance systems are additional defining attributes of the new Actros, on the basis of which we are able to offer you a newly configured, efficiency focused vehicle, that can be used for a wide range of operations in heavy-duty distribution haulage.

Advantages at a glance.

  • The newly designed workplace with Multimedia Cockpit, multifunction steering wheel featuring Touch Control Buttons2, MirrorCam2 and electronic parking brake provides for enhanced driving comfort, ergonomics and ease of operation.
  • Simple handling and operation of the most diverse vehicle and body functions via the secondary Multi-Touch-Display2
  • Mercedes-Benz Truck Navigation with dynamic route guidance and Live Traffic Information
  • New key, providing a convenient central locking system
  • Wide range of seats designed to maintain occupant fitness, with numerous adjustment options

Comfort is more than just luxury. The new Actros is the Mercedes-Benz contribution to transport industry for higher standards in heavy-duty distribution haulage, whilst prioritising the improvement of pleasant working and driving conditions. 

Modern, ergonomic, practical, motivating and not least of all efficiency-boosting. Whether you are a driver or fleet operator, we're convinced you'll be delighted by the workplace in the new Actros. It offers the driver better working and driving conditions, and through intelligent networking with headquarters and logistics processes, it has the potential to contribute to even better performance1.

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The new Actros strives to provide reliable, fuel-saving vehicle technology, to promote lower costs and increase overall profitability. In a nutshell: greater efficiency. Lower fuel consumption is a crucial contributory factor to economic efficiency. This is an advantage that the Actros has demonstrated in daily use3.

The new Actros now boasts additional fuel savings from it's already fuel efficient predessor. This is achieved from further optimisation of the drivetrain, the use of MirrorCam2 and from the introduction of Predictive Powertrain Control2, which is now also able to contribute to fuel savings on roads and highways.

Economical, reliable Euro VI engines in four displacement categories. Future-oriented technology, up to 460 kW (625 hp) and 3000 Nm maximum torque.

With three variants, the new Actros is able to offer a suitable cab to enable further efficient ways of working and easy handling in the distribution sector from 18 t. 

If the full body length is required, the ClassicSpace M-Cab is the top choice. The ClassicSpace L-cab is suited to longer, full-day and overnight runs, for example, with two engine tunnel variants available - 320mm, or 170mm. A good overall view and high payload capacity are common to all.

Download the specification sheets to learn more about each model type.

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[1] Compared to the previous model.
[2] Optional equipment.
[3] Based on customer feedback.

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