Genuine Accessories

Genuine Accessories

For numerous individual configurations.

With the Arocs you are well prepared for construction transport operations. To enable you to tailor the truck even more effectively to your personal vision of the perfect construction vehicle, there is a comprehensive range of Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Genuine Accessories: for numerous individual configurations.

The roof-mounted headlamp holders1 in robust, high-sheen polished stainless steel look good and are able to hold up to four additional headlamps. The round or rectangular headlamps puts the construction site on the right light. The roof mounted headlamp holders are available in different variants for all Arocs cabs.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Roof lamp bracket1 and additional headlights for added visibility, also with LED technology
  • Orange rotating LED beacons for transport operations that require special caution
  • High-quality, well-fitted rubber floor mats make cleaning of the interior easier
  • Lockable filler caps for fuel and AdBlue® tanks
  • Low roof-mounted auxiliary air-conditioning system instead of the roof hatch
  • Side window wind deflectors2 for virtually draught-free driving with the window open

The orange rotating beacon on the roof helps to warn other road users to take into account that the vehicle is carrying an oversize or very heavy load. It is fitted by means of a separately available adapter plate.

The lockable fuel filler cap makes life more difficult for fuel thieves, and the 1-key system provides for simple and convenient handling.

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Protection and comfort. The seat covers help protect the seats against wear, damage and dirt. Besides their straightforward fitting and non-slip design, they make the seat feel pleasant to sit in³.

[1] Please observe country-specific legal requirements for the attachment and use of additional headlamps.
[2] For Arocs only in conjunction with Classic Cockpit.
[3] Overseas model shown.

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