Fire & rescue

Fire & rescue

Takes your crew quickly to the scene. Not to the limit.

When the fire bell rings, every second counts. That's why every single movement of your crew has to be spot-on. The Econic makes sure that no precious time is lost. Just two small steps make for easy entering and exiting of the cab. The Allison automatic transmission saves time shifting and offers utmost driving comfort. When manoeuvring through lively city traffic and streets full of parked cars, the driver's low seating position and all-round glazing mean that they constantly have a great overview of the situation at hand. This ensures the greatest possible level of safety and speed when things start heating up.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Even passages and tunnels with low headroom are mastered by the Econic with ease in conjunction with the low cab height variant. Despite its dimensions, it offers plenty of space for high bodies
  • The low entry and wide-opening doors allow teams to gain access and leave the vehicle rapidly

Bodies are shown for illustrative purposes only and may not be available in Australia.1

With a great range of equipment and the bodybuilder-friendly low frame concept, the Econic offers a comprehensive scope of possible operations: for example as a base vehicle for turntable ladders, aerial rescue platforms and water tenders. The vehicle has space to house up to four crew members. Even in conjunction with high bodies, bridges and passageways are no obstacle for the Econic equipped with the low cab variant.

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Quick entry and exiting even with heavy equipment – the low-entry concept featuring folding door makes this both simple and effortless.

[1] Photos are for illustrative purposes only, and some characteristics, capabilities, features, bodies and other options may not be available, may not apply or may not be suitable for Australian conditions. Accordingly, the information provided is for indicative, illustrative purposes and should not be relied upon. For current and specific information in relation to the range of models, features, bodies, colours and other options available, please contact your preferred Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks dealer.

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