Technical data

Technical data

From engine performance figures and dimensions right up to axle variants, all of the important technical data can be found here at a glance.

In this area, we will inform you about the various models and axle variants of the Econic.
You will also find further technical information and illustrations in the digital product information:

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Wheel configuration 4x2 4x2
Engine OM 936 LA OM 936 LA
Permissible gross vehicle weight 18,0 t 18,0 t
No. of cylinders/displacement R6 / 7,7 l R6 / 7,7 l
Output kW/hp 220 (299) 260 (354)
Emissions standard Euro VI Euro VI
Transmission 6-speed automatic transmission 6-speed automatic transmission
Wheelbase 3,45/3,9/4,2/4,5/5,7 m 3,45/3,9/4,2/4,5/5,7 m
Turning circle 14,8 - 22,0 m 14,8 - 22,0 m
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