Agriculture and forestry
Unimog U 219 – U 530

Agriculture and forestry

It masters any task, even if it's off the beaten track.

With increasing cost pressures and longer distances to cover, farmers and contractors in particular require quick and efficient transport solutions. When you need to move from fields to roads and on to the silo, the Unimog delivers the most wide-ranging performance around: capable off-road and kind to the fields, fast and safe – all with a great payload figure and high tractive force. The Unimog lives up to day-to-day challenges efficiently with low operating costs per kilometre.

Bodies are shown for illustrative purposes only and may not be available in Australia.1

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Changing attachments and implement bodies can be done easily, thanks to the quick-swap system. Four attachment and mounting areas accept a range of implements to be mounted allowing owners to fully utilise the Unimog all year round, for example for mowing and winter service work. Be it in the fields or on the road, the Unimog is an impressive transport solution and, thanks to the low fuel consumption offered by the BlueTec 6 technology, it's also especially economical.

[1] Photos are for illustrative purposes only, and some characteristics, capabilities, features, bodies and other options may not be available, may not apply or may not be suitable for Australian conditions. Accordingly, the information provided is for indicative, illustrative purposes and should not be relied upon. For current and specific information in relation to the range of models, features, bodies, colours and other options available, please contact your preferred Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks dealer.