Extreme off-road Unimog


Economical. Powerful. Environmentally friendly.

The highly off-road-capable Unimog is equipped with modern and efficient drive system technology. Tested in large-scale series production, the Euro 6 engine generation sets standards for its class and takes no half-measures where conserving the environment, economic efficiency and top performance are concerned. The 4-cylinder engine with an output of 170 kW is particularly maintenance-friendly, economical, smooth-running and powerful. It is characterised by its high torque of up to 900 Nm as well as good figures for exhaust emissions, consumption and power-to-weight ratio. 4-valve technology and common rail injection up to 2400 bar further increase efficiency.

However, the engine is not only used for propulsion but also for braking: The two-stage decompression engine brake reduces mechanical wear and tear and makes a great contribution to economic efficiency. The exhaust gas aftertreatment system uses BlueTec 6 technology which has already proven its worth in daily use over many millions of kilometres in our heavy-duty mass-production engines. In the exhaust gas aftertreatment unit, the SCR catalytic converter reduces the nitrogen oxides to a minimum. And the diesel particulate filter prevents almost any soot particles from escaping.

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