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Our highlights at bauma 2022.

Discover what eMobility from Mercedes-Benz Trucks has to offer for your fleet and company. Each vehicle forms part of an integrated solution, opening up whole new possibilities for a wide range of application areas.

Welcome to the era of profitable electric transport logistics.

The eActros LongHaul and its integrated solutions for all aspects of the vehicle have a clear goal: to provide a profitable, sustainable and reliable solution with harmoniously balanced drive power in the future.

Thanks to its new powertrain, the standard eActros LongHaul can travel around 500 kilometres without needing to recharge. Megawatt charging will enable the batteries to be charged from 20 to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. All this makes the eActros LongHaul perfectly equipped for most plannable long-haul transport applications.

With the eActros LongHaul as an integrated solution, you can benefit from eConsulting, Mercedes-Benz Uptime in the repair and maintenance contract, Fleetboard Charge Management, and many other tailor-made services. The eActros LongHaul is expected to be ready for series production from 2024 – get a sneak peak at bauma!

eActros game changer.

eActros game changer.

Discover our Instagram story filter: Make the wind turbines turn and watch your breath drive the eActros LongHaul. Your commitment is what drives it – just like in reality.

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The battery-electric Arocs prototype, built as a cement mixer, provides a glimpse into the future. The highly integrated combination between the vehicle and the body shows that battery-electric, emission-free transport can also be used in the construction industry. Instead of the classic PTO, the battery-electric Arocs prototype has a high-voltage interface from which an efficient electric motor draws its energy for the mixer unit.

A collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Trucks, the Paul Group, and LIEBHERR-Mischtechnik.

The eActros 300 is more than just a truck. It's part of an integrated solution, one which also includes eConsulting and innovative, digital solutions, as well as the traditional Mercedes-Benz services. This truck boasts a highly efficient ePowertrain, giving it a range of up to 300 kilometres3006. Thanks to the greatly reduced noise emissions, it also gives drivers and passers-by alike a whole new level of comfort. As part of an integrated eMobility solution, with the eActros 300, you also benefit from comprehensive eConsulting, which includes route analysis, incentive management and electro-specific digital services like Mercedes-Benz Uptime, Charge Management and service contracts.

Locally emission-free, quiet and comfortable, the eAtros 300 is already on the road as a series-production vehicle in distribution transport – and will soon open up possibilities in construction transport, for example as a tipper system and skip loader. With an efficient driveline and a practical range, it can master even the most challenging of tasks. The plug-and-work one-box solution ZF eWorX provides the power for the bodies.

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In a world in which transport logistics are facing ever more complex challenges, we at Mercedes-Benz Trucks are now offering comprehensive and tailor-made solutions. With its integrated solutions, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is supporting its customers in all phases and processes of the electrification of their fleets. These range from customer-specific eConsulting and digital services such as Mercedes-Benz Uptime to financing solutions, a diverse network of different services makes sure that our customers can focus on optimising their business. Get an overview of our integrated solutions at bauma!



Would you like to find out more about the eActros 300? You can find more information here.

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