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Truck Apprenticeships

We pride ourselves in offering excellent apprenticeship opportunities across our dealer network.

Visit our apprenticeship site to search for opportunities:

Discover a fulfilling career with limitless potential, job stability and the freedom to drive your future. 

Start your journey today and be a part of an essential, dynamic and ever-evolving industry that keeps you moving.




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Turbocharge your career:

The Truck Industry offers boundless opportunities for advancement! 


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Fuel your passion:

Dive into the dynamic world of big rigs and enjoy exciting, diverse careers with great earning potential.


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Drive sustainability:

Join Mercedes-Benz Trucks to shape a greener future - be a part of the sustainability revolution. 


Joining an apprenticeship program can offer a range of benefits for individuals looking to gain valuable skills and launch their careers


Earn whilst you learn.

Unlike many traditional educational paths, apprenticeships provide paid positions, which means you can earn a salary while you learn and avoid accumulating student loan debt. 




Gradual transition to work.

If moving on from school and to the workforce, an apprenticeship program can provide a smoother transition by combing education and practical experience. 




Mentorship and hands-on learning

Apprentices learn alongside experienced professionals who serve as mentors. This mentorship accelerates your learning and provides on the job practical training, allowing participants to acquire real- world skills and experience in their chosen field supported by industry experts.

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