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Unimog Part of a Legend

Unimog Those behind it. Those who use it. Those who love it. Heroes. Dedicated to work.

Many legends are born out of hard times; the Unimog is no different. Built in the aftermath of World War II, the Unimog was the brilliant idea of a former head of aeroengine design and was constructed to take on the toughest tasks from the very beginning. Created to go anywhere and complete any job easily, the first Unimog rolled off the production line in 1948.  Earning its badge in 1953, the Mercedes star would sit proudly on the front of the Unimog S from 1955 to 1980 as it supported the armed forces and took explorers on new adventures. 

As more people discovered what this workhorse could do, new models were developed to suit different challenges. The bigger, better 406 series came in 1963, with the 425 series taking on the heavy-duty work from 1965. Between 1985 and 1996 the Unimog got its reputation as a master of all tasks, with the 408 and 419 series built to support local authorities back home. Today, new technologies such as a Euro VI engine, torque tube driveline and VarioPilot mean the latest Unimog models can take on anything modern businesses can throw at it. Whatever the task or terrain, a ‘can-do attitude’ still lies at the very heart of every Unimog. A true icon. A true legend.

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Adapt to any job easily with our UGE models. 

If you need a strong and reliable multi-tasker, then the Unimog UGE Implement Carrier will be your perfect new team member. Just like you, the Unimog U 219 - U 535 models are dedicated to getting your job done quickly and efficiently, from moving up to 40 tonnes GTW of equipment to trimming roadside hedges to clearing snow on remote roads. A truly multi-purpose vehicle, it can take on the same tasks as a tractor and overcome any terrain unlike most trucks. This means that one Unimog can take on anything.

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Our UHE models can take on any terrain. 

Venturing into an undiscovered part of the world or taking on a new business project: the Unimog UHE Extreme Off-roader can get you to exactly where you need to be. Built to overcome any challenge, its all-wheel drive and torque tube driveline can get you, your kit and crew to the most remote destinations, even in extreme conditions. Having earned its stripes on the frontline after World War II, the Unimog U 4023 / U 5023 is tough enough to get you over any terrain so you can focus on getting the job done or just having fun.

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The Unimog Part of a Legend brochure focuses on the key customer benefits and product features of Unimog, UGE and UHE.  The brochure highlights the efficiencies and benefits that Unimog can bring to each industry sector, as well as the people behind Unimog at Dealerships, showing what makes Unimog such a legend.

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Our Dealers and technicians will tackle any challenge you throw at us. Wherever you are in the UK, our experienced Dealer network and qualified technicians will be ready for anything, including 24/7 breakdown support. Plus, our Aftersales network will provide servicing and GenuineParts to keep your vehicle operational, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands. Whatever back-up you need, our people will be there to care for you and your Unimog, because we know that together, we’re unstoppable.


Every business needs team members they can rely on. Those that work hard in the toughest conditions because they're dedicated to you and your business. That's exactly what you get with a Unimog. The ultimate workhorse, its can-do attitude will get you over any terrain and take on all challenges. Its efficeiency and versatility are unrivalled and the reason why businesses choose the Unimog as their numer one multi-purpose vehicle again and again.

It's why it's their hero. It's why it's our legend.

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