Already in use today

Already in use today

The eActros innovation fleet in everyday operations for our customers.

Heavy-duty distribution operations on the most diverse routes. The eActros innovation fleet has been on the road in everyday operations for two years. Here's what our customers have to say:

"The eActros is completely integrated into our operations. Each day, we carry out 60 transport tasks to various vehicle manufacturing plants in the region. The eActros is used around the clock and carries out twelve of those routes, which corresponds to four per shift. I'm proud to be a part of the eMobility topic."

Rainer Schmitt, Managing Director of Logistik Schmitt GmbH, Bietigheim

"From the very beginnings of the programme, Mercedes-Benz grabbed the bull by the horns and has been by our (Simon Loos and Albert Heijn) side every step of the way. Mercedes-Benz didn't just deliver the vehicle, but also the associated know-how and services."

Peter Leegstraten, Manager of Purchasing & Innovation at Albert Heijn B.V., Zaandam
Wim Roks, Fleet Manager at Simon Loos bv, Wognum

"The loudest thing on the eActros is its indicators. Plus it gives me plenty of speed immediately when I need to pull away. The eActros is exactly my kind of thing."

Guillaume Fortanier, Driver at Simon Loos bv, Zaandam
Didier Dischkewitz, Driver at Schmitt Logistik, Bietigheim

Cleaner transport operations won't be possible without eMobility. To this end, Mercedes-Benz is delivering not only a suitable vehicle but also comprehensive support in all topic areas. That's because electromobility is about more than just a new drive system. For everything from acquisition and charging infrastructure to servicing and route calculations, Mercedes-Benz is a strong partner by your side.

Laura Gänzle (Head of Business Solutions eMobility Group DTB)
Jasper Hafkamp (Head of Global Marketing Mercedes-Benz Trucks)