Incredible driving experience.

330 kW continuous output, 400 kW peak output: That's the new eActros. Whoever sits behind the wheel can look forward to instant, powerful acceleration and a smooth ride. This is all made possible by its Mercedes-Benz-specific e-axle with two motors, supported by a two-speed transmission and a low centre of gravity.

It has never been so quiet in the Mercedes-Benz cab. At full acceleration, the noise level of the drivetrain inside the eActros has been reduced by as much as 10 decibels. Compared with a conventional truck, this equals a halving of the perceived sound volume! And since the eActros has no diesel engine under the cab, its drivers no longer need to worry about annoying vibrations, either. Ideally, this can reduce potential stress, which can also make a difference for entrepreneurs in the form of fewer absences due to illness.

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The digital workplace aboard the eActros is fully networked and intuitive. Its state-of-the-art multimedia cockpit, together with the MirrorCam is your command centre and specifically geared to e-relevant matters. The multimedia cockpit impresses with its new, revised display and offers an overview of all e-specific information, such as range expressed in distance and time, current and average consumption in kWh/100 km and charge status. And it enables you to get the best out of your vehicle at all times.

In order to enable the best possible driving experience right from the start, we offer all drivers of the eActros a series of special practical training sessions aimed at the specific requirements of eTrucks. Here, basic steps such as loading the truck safely and accessing e-specific information are dealt with, particularly how to deal with the new ePowertrain and intelligent recuperation; and driving practice aims to achieve the best possible range and protect the batteries.

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