Interior design
Actros L

Interior design

The interior of the Actros L meets the exclusive standards in terms of driving and living comfort as well as ergonomics.

Both while driving and during breaks – the interior of the Actros L has everything drivers dream of. Whoever climbs in, notices immediately that this is what a premium workplace in the long-distance haulage sector looks like.

The interior of the Actros L meets the highest standards in terms of driving and living comfort as well as ergonomics. That’s because, in designing the cabs, the emphasis is placed firmly on the driver’s needs. From the choice of colours, which conjures up a congenial setting and a pleasant sense of space, to the interior light concept. Everything serves to make work easier and to make breaks on board as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Advantages at a glance.

  • High-quality, attractive interior design with distinct separation of workplace and living area
  • Homely atmosphere thanks to interior light concept which provides optimum illumination of the cab
  • LED ambient lighting1 and LED ambient lighting, driving and living1 for a particularly warm and snug light mood and better orientation during breaks or night-time driving
  • Interior concepts StyleLine1, TrendLine1 and Interior Accessories Line1

The interior light concept provides for excellent illumination of the cab in practically any situation. In addition to the interior light to illuminate the entire cab and two reading lights, it also comprises a subtle blue night light to help the driver find their way around the cab while on the move.

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The new Interior Accessories Line1 further enhances the cab: the black opaque and light-resistant all-round curtains with a "blackout effect" facilitate an excellent night's rest. There is a new curtain with the Mercedes‑Benz star on a black background across the front of the bed.

Find a dealership near you and check out the interior design of the Actros L in person.

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