Greater safety
Actros L

Greater safety

Safety is at the root of our DNA.

Protecting the driver, vehicle and other road users – the Actros L comes with a wide range of safety components as standard equipment. Safety assistants don't relieve the driver of responsibility, but can effectively support him/her in critical situations. Example Active Brake Assist 5287, 285, 3021: Within the system limits, it can automatically initiate maximum full-stop braking for stationary and moving objects in certain situations and is currently the only emergency braking assistant in the truck segment that responds to moving pedestrians at a vehicle speed of up to 50 km/h. There's also the legally prescribed Lane Keeping Assist287, 3020 and Stability Control Assist287 as well as other digital aids such as Attention Assist287.

Turning left in an urban location can pose very particular dangers: within the system limits, the optional Active Sideguard Assist287, 1, 248 can warn the driver in certain situations and initiate automated braking to bring the vehicle to a standstill up to a turning speed of 20 km/h.

What's more, the enhanced, aerodynamically sophisticated MirrorCam287, 271 can make fuel savings of up to 1.3% compared with conventional mirrors and improve visibility in the area of the A-pillars as well as to the rear – especially in difficult lighting conditions. On top of that, the MirrorCam287, 1, 271 always keeps the relevant field of vision in the driver’s view by digitally shifting the camera image when manoeuvring, turning off and changing lanes.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Comprehensive range of standard equipment including Active Brake Assist 5287, 285, 3021, Stability Control Assist287, Lane Keeping Assist287, 3020, Attention Assist287 and follow-me-home lighting
  • Enhanced MirrorCam287, 271
  • Increased driving comfort and high efficiency thanks to Active Drive Assist 2287, 248, 284
  • Other safety components: Proximity Control Assist287, 98 with stop-and-go function, Active Sideguard Assist287, 1, 248, Traffic Sign Assist287, 256, Trailer Stability Control Assist287, 246
  • Better to see and be seen with automatic high beam, low beam and turn lights1, LED daytime driving lights, LED rear lights1
  • LED main headlamps1, cornering light1, front fog lamp1
General Safety Regulation.

General Safety Regulation.

From 2024, new requirements defined by the General Safety Regulation (GSR) will make legal standards for greater safety in road traffic binding throughout the EU. Our Mercedes-Benz trucks not only meet these requirements currently – they also ensure even greater safety thanks to additional technologies.

More about the assist systems

The images shown serve merely as examples and do not reflect the actual or current state of the original vehicles. For further information, please contact your Mercedes‑Benz Trucks dealership.

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