Greater safety
Actros L

Greater safety

Safety is at the root of our DNA.

Our trucks put safety first. That's why the Active Brake Assist 5285, 287 comes as part of the standard equipment. It assists drivers287 in certain situations by initiating a full application of the brakes if stationary and moving objects are detected. It can also initiate a partial or full application of the brakes in response to moving pedestrians being detected – thus reducing the consequences of an accident or completely preventing one from happening in the first place.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Comprehensive range of standard equipment including Active Brake Assist 5285, 287, Stability Control Assist287, Lane Keeping Assist287, Attention Assist287 and follow-me-home lighting
  • Active Drive Assist 2287, 248, 284 for enhanced driving comfort and high efficiency
  • Proximity Control Assist287, 98 with stop-and-go function, Sideguard Assist287, 1, 210, Traffic Sign Assist287, 256, electronic parking brake, Trailer Stability Assist287, 246
  • MirrorCam1, 271, 287 for improved visibility and even greater safety
  • Additional safety with automatic main beam/dipped beam/cornering light1, 243, LED daytime running lamps243, LED tail lamps1
  • LED main headlamps1050, cornering light1, front fog lamp1

All images are by way of example only and may differ from the configurations which are available to order. Subject to change without notice.

The images shown serve merely as examples and do not reflect the actual or current state of the original vehicles. For further information, please contact your Mercedes-Benz dealership.