Sector-specific vehicle concepts

Sector-specific vehicle concepts

Completely individual and customised.

For especially high payload and for extreme loads. With the Arocs Loader and the Arocs Grounder, we provide you with two construction specialists that excel where it counts: On the construction site. And in the accounts department.

The Arocs provides particularly efficient construction transport. The Arocs Loader and the Arocs Grounder are available to ensure this hallmark efficiency in tough conditions and payload-sensitive operations – when tipper vehicles and concrete mixers are deployed, for example.

Content loader grounder 01

Higher load capacity, higher efficiency. These are the hallmarks of the Arocs Loader 8x4/4 concrete mixer, with which you can transport up to 8 m³ of concrete. And the payload-optimised Arocs Loader 4x2 tractor units provide for added economic efficiency in use with tipping trailers, for example.

The Arocs Loader comes as 4x2 tractor units and 8x4/4 concrete mixers which cut a fine figure at the construction site not only by virtue of their robustness, but also on account of their low fuel consumption and particularly high load capacity. In the case of the concrete mixer, this means that despite the substantially heavier Euro VI technology the Arocs Loader is so light that you can transport up to 8 m³ of ready-mixed concrete with the combination of 8x4/4 chassis and 9 m³ drum. And that pays – with every trip. The high load capacity of the Arocs Loader tractor units and concrete mixers results from a whole range of technical measures – such as the lighter windscreen and the wider rear axle with single tyres, for example. To provide you with maximum flexibility in configuring the vehicle, certain measures can also be “deselected”.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Maximum payload capacity through job-matched vehicle configurations and weight-reducing measures for 8x4/4 concrete mixers and 4x2 tractor units
  • Transportation of up to 8 m³ of ready-mixed concrete per trip
  • Widened rear axles with 385/65 R 22.5 single tyres for maximum payload and low fuel consumption
  • Weight-saving equipment features; deselection of certain items possible
  • Choice of six cab variants of 2300 mm in width, depending on the engine variant, and five cab variants of 2300 mm in width as low roof
Content loader grounder 03

Payload-optimised tyre concepts. Apart from boosting the payload capacity, the two widened hypoid rear axles on the Arocs 8x4/4 concrete mixer for single tyres and 385/65 R 22.5 wide tyres also contribute to the vehicle’s low fuel consumption.

The Arocs Loader 8x4/4 concrete mixer with ClassicSpace S-cab comes with a 170 mm high engine tunnel, a displacement of 7.7 l and an output of 235 kW (320 hp). Measures to ensure the best possible payload include two specially developed, widened hypoid rear axles for single tyres and 385/65 R 22.5 wide tyres. In addition to saving weight, this combination is also conducive to particularly low fuel consumption.

Cabs. For added comfort, the Arocs Loader concrete mixer can be provided with an M-cab. L-cabs of 2300 mm in width are additionally available for the Arocs Loader tractor unit.

Engines. The Arocs Loader with an engine displacement of 7.7 l and an output of 235 kW (320 hp) to 260 kW (354 hp) is intended specifically for payload-sensitive operations at the construction site. The Arocs Loader semitrailer tractors and concrete mixers can additionally be equipped with the Euro VI engines of the 10.7 l displacement class in five output ratings from 240 kW (326 hp) to 335 kW (455 hp)156.

Content loader grounder 05

The Arocs Grounder fits the bill wherever particularly high stability and robustness are called for. With reinforced frame, reinforced suspension and bolstered self-confidence.

The tractor units and rigid chassis, including tippers and concrete mixers configured for especially tough operations, are front runners in terms of stability and robust­ness, too. The basis for the robustness of the Arocs Grounder is provided by the extremely strong frame con­sisting of cold-worked, high-strength fine-grained steel, with longitudinal members measuring 9 mm in thickness.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Particularly robust vehicles for extreme operations, also in demanding terrain
  • Reinforced components for enhanced robustness
  • Highly stable frame offering extreme torsional flexibility with longitudinal members of 9 mm in thickness
  • Rear axle suspension: multi-leaf parabolic springs with hard compliance characteristic, load-bearing capacity up to 18 t
  • All-wheel-drive vehicles optionally available with stabilisers on the 1st and 2nd rear axle for enhanced load-bearing capacity and stable handling
  • Proven robust planetary axles offering high ground clearance and load-bearing capacity of 13 t, alternatively 16 t
  • Robust, hard-wearing 15-degree tapered rims or wide-base rims
  • Tyres with particularly high load-bearing capacities
Content loader grounder 06

Reinforced rear-axle stabilisers. For extreme operations, Arocs Grounders such as the 8x8/4 all-wheel-drive tipper can optionally be fitted with reinforced stabilisers on the 2nd rear axle.

Axles. Robust multi-leaf parabolic springs with a hard compliance characteristic are fitted on the front and rear axle of the Arocs Grounder for particularly high stability and good ride comfort – even in extreme off-road terrain. Specially configured shock absorbers and stabilisers are additionally installed on the rear axles – for even greater robustness and for stable handling even with one-sided loads.

Wheels and tyres. Depending on the model variant and intended application, the Arocs is fitted with robust and durable 15-degree tapered rims or with wide-base rims. The wide-base rims come in conjunction with the robust tyres with high load capacity which are obligatory for these types of operations. To keep you on track even when you’re off the beaten track. The Arocs Grounder.

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